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  1. Happy birthday! Stop by sometime soon!

  2. Rest In Peace Crux, you were a generous, quirky, nice guy who will be missed.
  3. Happy expulsion from the uterus day! I miss u bb.

  4. Happy Birthday m8

  5. Happy birthday Arengorn!!

    1. Nevermore


      Happy Birthday mate !!!

    2. Donut


      Happy Birthday!

  6. @Gremlich Some of us don't have friends
  7. I loved Civ V, so I hope this is good as well, specially after the Beyond Earth fiasco. I love the series, but I'm tired of playing V and need a new one. Let's hoe they don't goof this one.
  8. This has greatly exceeded my expectations. I don't remember the last time this happened in music, what an absolutely stunning album. Can't congratulate Radiohead enough, they have outdone themselves, and that's a grand statement considering who they are.
  9. I got tinkled pink when I read about it, so damn excited man!
  10. interests: your mom

  11. Happy birthday Shame!

  12. @Irres and @Reavern quit acting like children. As I had reminded before attain to the CoC perhaps it can help you two to develop a healthy discussion for once. I also recommend you spare some time to study logical fallacies as it seems both of seem to miss the qualities that make an argument honest and valid. I'm locking this thread due to lack of maturity and silly arguments, I recommend reading the code of conduct very carefully so neither of you repeat this kind of show again.
  13. A friendly reminder to keep discussion civilized. If you guys need help remembering the CoC here's a link to it. I recommend you keep it in mind from now on.
  14. Agreed. Everyone bitched about the prequels (with reason) and kept asking for more of the original trilogy ever since. Now they got more and they are complaining it's too much. I'm blaming nostalgia, overly critic analysis and being biased for these folks.
  15. @CyberianK Indeed a worthy continuation of the original trilogy, and definitely not that prequel crap they gave us before.
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