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  1. Thank´s everybody for the purchase. Price and Stock upgraded.
  2. I could do a little discount for Imperium Members in some ships, if it help
  3. Sorry man, but i have a huge fleet and I am looking for cash right now.
  4. That´s just because Star Marine is the next important Module to finish. They transpose their focus to the FPS, because this module is important piece in the game evolution. Like you known, all the boarding mechanics in the PU have direct relation with the FPS part of game. This have a big marketing focus too, because Star Marine would call new backers to the project. The problem with the FPS, was choice Illfonic who have no experience in a AAA FPS, they just did Indie games with low budget. Now CIG have a little CRYTEK doing this module (CIG Frankfurt), what is a perfect solution, something late but I believe now we will have progress. When they will let us play Star Marine, they will shut up a lot of criticism around this project and it´s huge delays. While gains time to keep focus on development the space part of game, they have a lot of technicals troubles around the Cryengine and the scale of the game they want to do. And the PU Space part are a big challenge part of this crazy development, because what CIG want to do is a really abicious game ever and it´s the hard way.
  5. It´s very hard to believe , the First chapter by the end of this year is unrealistic, sounds like a gigantic Santa gift. Otherwise, I hope that CIG will show it at citizencom. They could announce release date by summer 2016, but i don´t think they will launch first chapter before the end of 2016.
  6. Another fast transaction, Freelancer goes to Cyberkada! Enjoy...
  7. All ships are LTI, and price includes Fees. Only Pay Pal verified. Hornet FC7+ Upgrade Super Hornet LTI - 175$ (First Concept Sale) Hornet Ghost LTI- 125$ (First Concept Sale) Reclaimer LTI - 350$ (First Concept Sale) Banu Merchman LTI - 265$ (First Concept sale) Gladiator LTI - 225$ (First Concept sale) Aurora LN LTI StandAlone Ship - 50$ (First Concept sale) Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI - 300$ (First Concept sale) Cutlass + Bonus LTI - 115$ (First Concept sale) ORigin 350 LTI - 135$ Physical Rear Admiral+ Constellation Phoenix LTI- 450$ (First Concept sale) Xían Karthu LTI - 180$ (First Concept sale) Cheers
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