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  1. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Wonder how they will deal with people who log during combat? Would it be like other space games where if your currently in combat and log out your ship remains in game. Elite Dangerous had that issue where players that had huge bounties on their heads were finally tracked down by another player and right before they killed them, the user exits the game causing their ship to vanish into thin air.
  2. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Would like to see the look on fellow crew's faces when their just doing their thing, then all of a sudden a pop-up comes up saying the ship will vanish in 15 seconds. Either the fellow crew will get an option on where to spawn or they will just die when the ship vanishes and spawn at their home port.
  3. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    For those who own big ships do they vanish into thin air when you log out leaving your crewmates floating in space or do the ships remain in the universe?
  4. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Gotta collect them all
  5. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    I decided to melt one of them plus all my other ships to get the Battle Pack. Over the course of this year I will be spending around another $1,300 on ships to melt so that I can melt that pack and upgrade it to the Fleet Pack. Reason I am doing this is simple because the pack comes with LTI so in a way all my ships will be protected . I want to slowly make my way to the war pack so that I can get an Irdis-P frigate I will keep one Orion since I might like to do some mining from time to time to help the corporation out and take a break from running missions and securing our boarders from other corps.
  6. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Not mine*just looking at this made my wallet run and hide*
  7. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Looks like we fell short of selling 1 Million worth of Orions on day one. On the website they made $34,573 on 2/20 and on 2/21 made............$551,670!!!!!
  8. Got one Orion but thought it would feel lonely so went back and got another one.

  9. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Man i'm a impulse buyer... Said I was only going to buy one then next thing I know I went and bought another one... Now I got two of these beasts and I don't know what I'm going to do with them... I just love big ships and if the destroyer class ship was not limited to 200 then I would of saved up and bought one... or two... My wallet is crying right now...
  10. Mine will always be open for fleet mates to use. Wonder how compensating crew mates will work out in the final release? The pilot can just chill till its time to move to the next rock but the other guys have to keep up on their end to make sure everything keeps on running smoothly. At the moment we can buy 1,000 credits for $1 but how hard will it be to earn 1,000 credits in game? Would I pay crew mates an hourly wage for working on my mining ship O.o
  11. Since it is a limited sale a lot of people are buy 10+ at a time with the hope of reselling at a higher price later on. Even the article stated that the next time it come up for sale it will have less items(no LTL?) and cost more. 1 is enough for me.
  12. Can't wait to see what else they have cooking up their sleeves!! Nice of them for helping us do something with all this cash burning a hole in our wallets.
  13. Welcome to Imperium, Roughhands_migirk
  14. Icewater

    RSI Orion

    Had to get on as well. Time to see how much damage these mining lasers can do to ships ;p.
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