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  1. Going live in around 10 minutes! I'm ill, but determined to spread music across the 'verse. I feel like crap, and my voice may go awry, but I'll do the best I can! - CosmicBadger
  2. Going live in seven minutes! Usual badgery madness will ensue for two hours. -CosmicBadger
  3. Live on air, having a chilled out night! Hop into the RSI chat, say hello, and/or tune in at radio.starcitizenbase.com -CosmicBadger
  4. The feline, alas, has been called away on kitty business. Still, I have some of her track list still here, so will soldier on regardless! -CosmicBadger
  5. Hey everyone, don't forget to tune in for tonights Cosmic Badger Show - now with (yet another) special guest! Appearing this week will be SublimeFeline, co-hosting an array of excellent music. We'll be going live in two and a half hours! See you all there! -CosmicBadger and SublimeFeline.
  6. @Ricko; no badgers were harmed in the making of this weeks show. But, I'm thinking I may have to bring her back onto the show, watching how much she affects my listener count!
  7. Going live any second now! -CosmicBadger
  8. Back in my lair for tonights show and back at the usual time! 22:00GMT (21:00UTC)! See you all there. -Cosmic Badger
  9. Evening all! Just a warning, the Cosmic Badger Show will be starting an hour earlier than scheduled, although it will be running for 3 hours tonight! Bit of a roadshow, got a guest, in a new location for a night! Hope to see you all there -CosmicBadger
  10. going live in ten minutes! Another two hours of badgery goodness. Got some 70s tunes lined up, but tonights show is going to be ad-libbed for extra amusement! -CosmicBadger
  11. Going Live in Eight Minutes! Now with special guests and a special edition of the Golden Oldies Half Hour coming up! -CosmicBadger
  12. Ever wondered what a badger running out of steam sounds like? Tune in in five minutes for my show and find out, as I drink enough coffee to make a rhino tapdance, in two hours of the Cosmic Badger show! It's Badger vs. Nature, and there can only be one winner! * -CosmicBadger *it's going to be me, cause I can't fall asleep on air. Gremlins will escape (possibly from Canada) and turn on all the taps in my house if I do that.
  13. Going live in 25! Improve your Wednesday with the Cosmic Badger show. radio.starcitizenbase.com. I'll be on from 22:00GMT, 17:00EST (I think). See you there! -CosmicBadger
  14. Have to admit I'm not good with the technical side of the Base, but I've asked the powers that be! There isn't a publicly accessible system at the minute, but there is a system for making requests that we all look at. And sometimes, we have been known to play the same song more than once providing it's good enough! Haha. -CosmicBadger
  15. Going live again in 5 minutes! Radio.starcitizenbase.com -CosmicBadger