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  1. Happy early birthday!  You won a Dragonfly from Batgirl and Ben!

  2. So it seems that Square Enix has decided to jump on the Crowd funding Bandwagon opening a new site called “Collective”. Tho from what I have seen (correct me if I’m wrong) they will own anything that is funded, Thus cutting into the profits of any Indi game developer trying to start up. Not to mention this basically means that even though we would be paying for funding a game, there is still a publisher involved.. And we have all heard the horror stories of how most publishers control the creative process when it comes to making games. I have even been witness to this first hand. (Lucus arts, cough cough) So what is the benefit of a system like this compared to kickstarter, and is “Collective” going to really be doing more harm than good? Could you imagine how Star Citizen would have turned out if Square Enix was its owner and publisher. "Collective gives gamers 28 days to express interest in supporting a project. Following that period, if enough positive feedback has been received, Square Enix will evaluate whether the developer in question is capable of handling the game and determine how much money would be needed to produce it. At that point, gamers will be able to pledge money to the project through crowdfunding site Indiegogo." http://collective.square-enix.com/
  3. Mine "Zim" was just a cool name i liked when i was younger that i used for games.. then after the cartoon came out it sorta stuck
  4. Hey man, welcome Glad to see you’re as enthusiastic as the rest of us for star citizen!
  5. Hey All, Brad from Australia here I plan to start as a simple merchant flying my Aurora LN (with a few upgrade options of course!) to expand both Imperium’s and my own coffers. Imperium is already looking out to be the best and most influential organization in UEE space and beyond. Before even getting a chance to introduce myself here I am already getting emails what I expect to be future rival organizations, trying to poach members. The Separatists/TheSEPs By the power of truth we while living have conquered the universe. Assassinate the Imperator, Take over a major city, hold the U.E.E responsible for its crimes! Become the largest terrorist organization in game, earn your place in the lore books, join us! Become TheSeps, become free! Together we will pave the way for the future! Will you remain with Imperium? Or will you undertake a new task? Together we will own null-sec, together we will be a name to be feared, we will become the great fear! Your awakening begins now, arise from the bonds that would suppress you, and wake others with you. Take the first step, become the authors of your own destiny. With TheSeps you will never be lowly. With the Separatists you will be the hands of fate, each and everyone an integral appendage. Do you not think it unjust that the U.E.E was largely absent on the Vanduul front? Do you not think it unjust that the U.E.E covered up their espionage against the Xian? Do you not find it unjust that they, like every government before, give you no choice in your association with them? We do. You can act with us against them. And most importantly, you will ALL be given AT LEAST the power to recruit, because ideas are bulletproof, and because we believe, that association, is voluntary. Thank you.
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