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  1. smugib

    Crowd funding

    Didn't know you could do a crowdfunding campaign for stuff like that.
  2. You should try Stargate Universe its a good show as well.
  3. A reboot? I want to know what happend to the crew of the Destiny. Biggest Cliffhanger ever.
  4. I rather play the game with bugs instead of waiting longer.
  5. Gratz on the new rig, Hope I can get a new pc soon as well.
  6. I sent request I got bunch of 90s on horde side,
  7. Just gotta wait a bit, I took the test and got a pass about 12 hours later takes no time at all.
  8. Same here, I haven't even played anything besides watching the dog fighting on the live stream and i just cant wait till the alpha.
  9. I have also been trying to get my WoW buddies to see how amazing this game is gonna be, and as far as 325a vs freelancer the 325a is just to insane to pass up.
  10. smugib

    Hello Everyone

    Lol thx, was my favorite game on the Nintendo 64 the multiplayer with friends was the greatest besides Goldeneye.
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