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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey, sorry I missed the meeting. Could you e-mail me a link or the file itself for tonight's recording, please? My e-mail's in the roster.

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    2. LeroyJenkins


      @VoA Refresh the economic viability thread, i don't know if you saw my edit -> response to the discussed topic.

    3. VoA


      Just read the edit - maybe it can be done in a simpler form?  Let's not worry about it too much until we see CIG's Org 2.0 - but it would be nice to somehow keep track of things.

    4. LeroyJenkins


      That would only be necessary if the in-game inventory system is as rudimentary as Space Engineers, which I very much doubt. It's more of a "worst case scenario" where we'd need to have that entire system built on our end because it doesn't exist in the game.

  3. Techdude

    iPhone 6

    I don’t see too much innovation with the information we currently have I don’t see its AI texting will be all that useful, seeing as it will already do voice to text and send. What do you all think of the iWatch? I think it has the potential to be the next big thing, it’s rumored to have health monitoring software, and the Nike fit is supposedly a prototype. The only concern I have is whether generation Y, the early adopters of iPod, iPhone, iPad will wear a watch, and make it culturally appealing to wear a iWatch, would our “high society" accept it?
  4. Good sir maybe the misspelling was intended. However you are free to be a grammar Nazi. or maybe you knew that.
  5. Hi Pledge: Scout Ship:Aurora LN Plan to do: unknown but one day have a frigate. Rsi handle: techdude
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