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  1. Greeting my brothers in arms, please forgive the lack of activeness on the forums, as i’ve said before, i’m lying in wait for release rather than the run up. I come to you today to invite you all to BritizenCon. setup by both myself and another citizen from the UK south east month meetup. I know we had quite a few Imperium members come to CitizenCon when it was in the UK 2 years ago (yes i signed the flag too ^_^), and we are running with with the devs support too, for the years when CitizenCon is not on UK shores. I hope you will join us for the fun day I have no doubt it will be, and if you can't come please consider supporting us if you can as support from the devs is not financial, or you can share the event with others. Another reason other than sharing because you should all go, is to ask if any of the admin/org leaders would like to talk on a community panel about the trials and errors in running such a huge org. We think it would make for a good panel and interesting to the audience to see and hear how much work really goes into running, organising, training, etc. If you are interested and up for it please let me know asap! I have included all the relevant information below. Until next time, Kenetor out BritizenCon 2017 Date: Saturday 22nd April 2017 Time: 1pm-8pm Location: Radisson Blu Hotel (Manchester Airport) What is BritzenCon? BritizenCon is a fan-organised UK convention for Star Citizen run by the fans for the fans. We return for our second year and the event will take place on Saturday, 22nd April 2017, 1pm – 7.30pm, once again at Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport, UK (see the Website front page, ‘The Venue’ for more information). How can I attend? A total of 300 tickets are on sale now via IndieGoGo. We had a lot of requests from people not able to come that wished to donate and help with the con and we see IndieGoGo as a way of doing that as well as taking a lot of the financial risk off our shoulders. Booking convention spaces are not cheap! What is the event schedule? 2 Developer Panels with members of the Foundry 42 team. Brian Chambers has already confirmed he'll be flying in from Germany for the second year running and we're hopeful he'll sit on the panel, too! Community Panel with content creators, live streamers or possibly founders of Orgs. UK 'Dogfight' Championships. Our first live 'e-sports' tournament to determine who truly is the Top Gun of Star Citizen Cosplay showcase, raffles, and a fan film festival, all with goodies for participation We will also have a few hardware firms demonstrating their wares, at least one Software firm such as HCS Voice Packs & other exhibitors such as Orgs Chance to mingle face to face with Foundry 42 (Manchester) Developers. We had over 20 in attendance last time and are confident of at least that many this time around If we reach our crowdfunding stretch goal of £7k we will have a high-quality livestream of the event After-party at the pub! We're currently considering getting hold of a fully functioning Icarus Avenger 180 set-up to show off, another chance for you to experience VR and our friends at GameCab will be back with their latest, bespoke SimPit creations. How do I get more information? Any questions please just ask by replying to this post, directly messaging me or use social media via the ‘Links’ section Links Website: http://www.britizencon.uk/ Campaign (including tickets): http://igg.me/at/BritizenCon2017 FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/BritizenCon/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BritizenCon
  2. So I just watched this god damn EPIC movie, loved every second of it and the art style! Highly recommended!!
  3. Many many thanks for all your help guys! I won!!! Really looking forward to putting this to good use!
  4. Actually surprised about not remembering myself, but how about...... the Wing Commander movie! Critics be damned, I liked it
  5. For the competition we are given the normal map to start with but I edited it in nDo to add more detail, also depending on the texture, further detail is added to the normal map while working in dDo, That's where it really beats something like B2M, as it combines all your texture maps for you, no laborious combining and masking manually. If you're used to using B2M you can still use it to carry on making set materials and load them up as custom in dDo and let it do the rest, I'm pretty sure nDo/dDo has the same tools as B2M too for making materials from just a diffuse/photo. Kenetor
  6. hopefully this will bump up performance some more, good to see them hitting out regular updates too!
  7. It is a brilliant tool, I really have trouble with the 2D side, i prefer the modeling and lighting. It wasnt the best unwrap of the model either, certainly not how i would of done it, but hey you work with what you have!
  8. Also, thanks for the reminder! Just did mine
  9. Thanks you guys, I think it might be enough to see me through, but ill keep an eye on it! I really wanna make a new crate with more base detail as well now, it was really fun doing the compilation! Kenetor
  10. If you havent watched it I would recommend "Enders Game", ignore the bullshit over the writer and just enjoy a good film (IMO)
  11. Greetings fellow citizens and imperialists! I am locked in heated battle of art, charm and voting! I entered an art competition run the awesome Pleasure on the office forums to win a copy of the Quixel suit, this tool is simply amazeballs when it comes to texturing game assets and i hope to use it on future SC projects. Im a close second so far and need more help to get to first but the deadline for voting is short now and will end Friday 20th 16:00 GMT. I hate resorting to asking but I really think this tool is worth the shame in doing so. If you can and haven't already, many thanks to those that have, please vote for me here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/148796/voting-for-the-quixel-contest EDIT: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Texturing the crate shown under my name in the post only took me 3 hours or so, and had not used it before, when normally to put such detail into a texture would take many more times that, just to give you an idea of how useful this tool is! Also SC is all about community so lets show them what we can do Many thanks my friends. Kenetor
  12. Only 7 votes behind now! Thanks for the help so far! I have until Friday to get ahead to win! Let's show them a rusty product is a broken product! https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/148796/voting-for-the-quixel-contest Kenetor
  13. Look up the thread for Voice Attack on the RSI forums, its nuts, i love it, its gonna be so much fun! Kenetor
  14. it may be your gfx card cant handle it first, set graphics to low and restart the game (the AC patch reset your graphics options) I also found out of all the things i tried putting : "r_MotionBlur = 0" without quotations marks into the console(press the button above tab) gave me the biggest boost in responsiveness. Give it a go and tell if it helped Kenetor
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