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  1. One of the great ones along with "Not The Future".
  2. Starfarer Blankets!! Get yours here!

    @23bucketsofchicken Hey np!
  3. deadpool 2 Deadpool 2 Trailer

    Holy crap that trailer was awesome! "Just beat it like it owes you money".
  4. IP.Board Software Update to 4.2x

    Ah the new backgrounds are a great addition. I was getting bored with the stars.
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Shootter


      Thank you sir!

  6. o yea

    Ive never seen drill stem like that before
  7. I want to build planets too! Man that's a pretty simple tool they have. Looks like it's setup kinda like the Arma editor.
  8. Youtubers, Help is Needed

    @Sam87 I do believe you have posted this into the wrong area as the topic feels more general. This channel is mostly for newcomer introductions. @BryGen
  9. Crypto Currency Mining

    Is that how it work? Ive tried reading up on it but I guess it's over my head.
  10. Pacific Rim Uprising

    How dare you quote me without my consent!
  11. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Lol that felt like a promotional video for Power Rangers... I hope the movie isn't that corny cause I loved Pacific Rim.
  12. Crypto Currency Mining

    I agree here, personally I just don't understand it. Computer crunches a block of data, users awarded several coins which can then be used as real money but why?! It makes no sense, I mean maybe if the processing power was actually contributing to something useful like the Folding@Home system Stanford University setup to process advanced calculations for disease research using the combined power of personal computers in a global network but the cryptocoin stuff is just nothing ....
  13. Star Citizen: Lost and Found

    Nagh you'll be second in command on my Reclaimer and be grateful for the opportunity.
  14. Photobucket

    Forget photobucket, I stopped using them years ago the moment they started with the paid membership Bs! Imgur is the way to go and there's many more free image hosting sites out there. @Fizzlefuse when you load your image to the forums make sure to click the button that says "Remove Format" to remove the box from around your image.