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  1. Shootter

    New guy incoming

    Welcome aboard
  2. Shootter


    What is this madness?!
  3. Shootter

    Hello ALL

  4. Shootter

    How to Make Chocolate

    Judgement would be me saying it tastes like sewage, which I didn't. I simply expressed how watching someone drink the liquid of some beans that reassemble fish guts which have been fermenting for a day or two made me feel. As far as taste goes I'll defer to your assessment.
  5. Shootter

    How to Make Chocolate

    Well that was interesting although watching him drink that juice made me feel ill, it was still pretty entertaining.
  6. Shootter

    Role of Hammerhead?

    There's a few discussion chains on the hammerhead that might interest you @Admiral Max within the Aegis thread
  7. Shootter

    REAL Steak Fries

    Those look pretty good @Gremlich is just crazy @Donut are these your videos, I've noticed you posting a lot of these Pit boy vids.
  8. Shootter

    Trashy Nachos

    She's a pretty funny individual. I first found her crazy video's on facebook.
  9. Shootter

    Howdy Hoooo

    Welcome @BushyBaws ... @Gallitin Its that woo woooo ya feel me.
  10. Shootter

    Escape from Tarkov

    This game has come such a long way from when I started back a year ago! The game will be 25% discount for about a week and they will be awarding 7day access beta keys to everyone that is registered on their website but doesn't own the game. I also have two 7 day access beta keys I can give away. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
  11. Shootter

    Map and shiny pic of Idris

    Geez! Looks like youll be able to run around that ship for an hour and still not see the same room twice
  12. Shootter

    Spider Mining Drone in SQ42 Demo

    Oh man I want to walk around a moon with one of those!
  13. Shootter

    Tumbril - Nova "Tonk" Tank

    I also have my concerns but I guess with planet exploration a tank was sure to show up.
  14. One of the great ones along with "Not The Future".
  15. Shootter

    Starfarer Blankets!! Get yours here!

    @23bucketsofchicken Hey np!