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  1. That would be an awesome treat for sure!
  2. I love these bits they keep showing about the Reclaimer. I would love to get it with 3.0.
  3. Had to grab this one too. My whole fleet is made up of Aegis ships now.
  4. HAHA that was awesome.
  5. Hey, welcome. We have quite the collection of graphic's designers here.
  6. Used to see that intro as a kid. That's when you knew the good movies were about to come on.
  7. Oh I do love the sharp edges of an Aegis ship!
  8. I watched this only for the reclaimer. It's amazing but i'm not really feeling the filthy interior.
  9. Welcome Mr. L make yourself at home.
  10. Thought I was doing well with my 4 recruits
  11. Welcome
  12. That was pretty cool