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  1. Ive never seen drill stem like that before
  2. I want to build planets too! Man that's a pretty simple tool they have. Looks like it's setup kinda like the Arma editor.
  3. @Sam87 I do believe you have posted this into the wrong area as the topic feels more general. This channel is mostly for newcomer introductions. @BryGen
  4. Is that how it work? Ive tried reading up on it but I guess it's over my head.
  5. How dare you quote me without my consent!
  6. Lol that felt like a promotional video for Power Rangers... I hope the movie isn't that corny cause I loved Pacific Rim.
  7. I agree here, personally I just don't understand it. Computer crunches a block of data, users awarded several coins which can then be used as real money but why?! It makes no sense, I mean maybe if the processing power was actually contributing to something useful like the Folding@Home system Stanford University setup to process advanced calculations for disease research using the combined power of personal computers in a global network but the cryptocoin stuff is just nothing ....
  8. Nagh you'll be second in command on my Reclaimer and be grateful for the opportunity.
  9. Forget photobucket, I stopped using them years ago the moment they started with the paid membership Bs! Imgur is the way to go and there's many more free image hosting sites out there. @Fizzlefuse when you load your image to the forums make sure to click the button that says "Remove Format" to remove the box from around your image.
  10. I hope its nothing to repetitive and drawn out such as crawling out of a bunk bed and stretching each time....
  11. Welcome!
  12. Can I make a vote for the mining spider? I want to use one as my ground vehicle....
  13. Had to pick one up for those curvy .. uh blocky edges. Sitting position reminds me of my Honda CBR1000RR
  14. Thank you for the link! It's pretty ridiculous that I had to look outside of the RSI website for the area to purchase the NOX! This whole secretive nonsense is infuriating.