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  1. Shootter


    Hey @PlanckJ3M4 welcome
  2. @SoulreaverDread Welcome, Click the Portal and check the Tools tab for links to the Org's Discord and Teamspeak platforms.
  3. Niice, brings back those old Titan mode BF2142 vibes.
  4. This one does look pretty neat, although I'm still upset with them killing off that hacker chick in the first one.
  5. Music composed by the CCO of BattleState Games, Nikita. This sound track is largely used in the game Escape From Tarkov but its a great sound track.
  6. Shootter


    What is this madness?!
  7. Judgement would be me saying it tastes like sewage, which I didn't. I simply expressed how watching someone drink the liquid of some beans that reassemble fish guts which have been fermenting for a day or two made me feel. As far as taste goes I'll defer to your assessment.
  8. Well that was interesting although watching him drink that juice made me feel ill, it was still pretty entertaining.
  9. There's a few discussion chains on the hammerhead that might interest you @Admiral Max within the Aegis thread
  10. Those look pretty good @Gremlich is just crazy @Donut are these your videos, I've noticed you posting a lot of these Pit boy vids.
  11. Shootter

    Trashy Nachos

    She's a pretty funny individual. I first found her crazy video's on facebook.
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