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  1. @Nubarus It all depends of course. They can have early warning systems, mines, flak, jamming systems, anti missile systems, and whatnot. We can have early fire laser guided bombs/missiles, jamming systems, diversionary tactics, covering formations and probably a lot I didn't think about right now. Heck, we might even have just a massive amount of inertia driven bombs dropped as a "cloud of death" Time will tell what the game will bring. I was just fantasizing about killing capital ships in my bomber
  2. I was thinking, a small fleet of these massive 10-20 of them in organized bombing runs should be able to take out pretty much anything, provided we have the ordnance for it. Anything from competing Idrises up to small space stations should be sitting ducks provided the bombers had some cover.
  3. A lot of ado about nothing. I've been reading a LOT of post on the RSI website and forums, and as I understand it the game will support Mouse/Keyboard - Joypads - Joystick and HOTAS. Heck, they might even bring out their own Star Citizen HOTAS brand (something I wish I'd known about before I bought my Warthog) The game will also support mid level computers scaling up to pretty much anything your wallet can support (4k monitors, multiple GFX and CPUs) Will people with money have an advantange over those who can't afford the top noch systems? Maybee a, but a sucky player in a high end system still will be the victim of a better player with a mid level system. I just hope the ship balancing will be realistic and that the combat will be fun, even if I loose now and then. That will make it worth al the money I've sunk into this.
  4. Hello everybody. I am a 45 year old gamer, have been gaming since my dad brought home our first Coelco Pong (tennis) in B&W. I have always loved space exploration/combat games, and was hooked on Elite as my first space exploration memory. I am very much looking forward to my Constellation ship, and am eagerly awaiting the Alpha testing phase. peace to you all Loote
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