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  1. This ship needs a Hitchhiker's Guide.
  2. "C U L8R pal, and no, I don't want to know your star sign..."
  3. Excuse me, e ka’xy.oa ka’uōng?
  4. When Origin says "Jump", we say "How high?".
  5. If we're hungry for ships, trust Drake to kick things off with a 3-Cors'-deal...
  6. Like Mac said, any new players trying to play the game alone is going to have a hard time. It's always best to have a guide show you the ropes, or a friend covering your back until you get a feel for when it's safe to venture out alone. Remember, treat anywhere outside of an armistice zone as a potential PVP area where it's safer to take out a potential threat than take a chance on an unknown contact being friendly. Just curious if you are able to read global messages in chat? In cases like the one you describe, your attacker may have been sending out unanswered warnings before firing at you and didn't want to take the risk that you could turn out to be hostile...maybe.
  7. I'll just power up my time machine...
  8. Really impressive attention to detail. Just needs a modified N-1 Starfighter to complete the set!
  9. I guess that's it for another year! With each day featuring at least one vehicle that debuted this year (as shown on this page), a theme of this year's Expo was "Dare to fly" and I suppose it came as no surprise that CIG "Dared to try" new things. Everything from the projected holograms of the profiles of various NPC's throughout the verse to the interactive voiced displays providing information on each ship, and even the surprise display of guns and armour in the final days, all added to the sense of CIG trying to keep things fresh and innovative. Perhaps it should be an ongoing theme that CIG may make lootable-only gear have a version that it is only sold once a year at future Expos? I especially liked the added detail of an in game schedule displayed in the elevators and the game's impressive attention to detail led to an occasion where another player entered my elevator and I was able to tell which floor they wanted simply by watching their actual eye movements as they read the schedule! I was also glad Jax got over his minor crisis of faith in this year's Whitley's guide (the last episode of which, particularly showcasing CIG's plans for facial aging tech) and look forward to what he will have to show next year (in Pyro?) Understandably, and a little disappointingly, the Expo couldn't take place on Orison but with the first iteration of cloud tech implemented on Microtech, it made for some stunning views and a glimpse of things to come. Even the servers themselves seemed more stable than in previous years - are CIG learning from past mistakes or has the tech finally reached a much more reliable state? This can only be a sign of the future looking bright for the project, especially with server meshing possibly being utilized next year. And so, with the Stanton sun setting on another successful Expo, there's just enough time for the traditional shot of Storm Breaker departing the IAE for pastures new. Until next year!
  10. I think Homer ought t' see this one: the Carrack Killer Concept? Personally, even though the Odyssey's main advantage is its independent sustainability, I think the Carrack has a lot more going for it in terms of features not yet implemented: drones, repair facility, protective sheath, jump computer, and its modularity. The choice of a sabre as an accompanying craft for the Odyssey for example speaks volumes as to how CIG want the ship to be used - recon an area stealthily before jumping in with the main craft. As both ships have specialties in different areas, I think it will come down to choosing the right ship for the right circumstances. Do you want to go out into the black, rarely to return, or extensively document an exploration area and return with the data relatively quickly? And then there is the Endeavour's explorer cab just lurking around the corner...
  11. Early Warning: Passengers boarding this craft are only allowed one item of carrion.
  12. Not being able to see the crate may not be such an issue if cargo manipulation is done via remote observation. Maybe in time, an MFD will show a direct feed from a tractor beam mounted camera. One can only hope.
  13. Like a few ambitious future features of the 'Verse, will this really affordable, flyable tradeship Rarely Actually Function Too?
  14. Following Free Flight; Francis, Finley & family found flying the 400i finally fulfilled a fin-filled fantasy.
  15. With this much firepower, Cerberus doesn't stand a chance in Hell...
  16. Finley, Francis & family ask in unison: "e ka’xy.oa ka’uōng?"
  17. ...tough little ship made short work of the stolen frigate!
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