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  1. This ship needs a Hitchhiker's Guide.
  2. "C U L8R pal, and no, I don't want to know your star sign..."
  3. Excuse me, e ka’xy.oa ka’uōng?
  4. When Origin says "Jump", we say "How high?".
  5. If we're hungry for ships, trust Drake to kick things off with a 3-Cors'-deal...
  6. Like Mac said, any new players trying to play the game alone is going to have a hard time. It's always best to have a guide show you the ropes, or a friend covering your back until you get a feel for when it's safe to venture out alone. Remember, treat anywhere outside of an armistice zone as a potential PVP area where it's safer to take out a potential threat than take a chance on an unknown contact being friendly. Just curious if you are able to read global messages in chat? In cases like the one you describe, your attacker may have been sending out unanswered warnings before firing at you and didn't want to take the risk that you could turn out to be hostile...maybe.
  7. I'll just power up my time machine...
  8. Really impressive attention to detail. Just needs a modified N-1 Starfighter to complete the set!
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