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  1. All in all, another good year for IAE. Really liked the articles in the IAE brochure on the main site despite the lack of fan-favourite Jax McCleary videos this year. They went with interesting theme and colour scheme this year and I liked what they did with the displays showcasing cargo and mining, I hope more of these show up in the future to make use of all that space. More straight-to-flyable ships released than ever before and now that SQ42 is "feature complete", progress can finally be made on the backlog of concept ships that have only made an appearance ingame as holodisplays at IAE. Having been fortunate enough to take my first tentative steps in Pyro, I can't wait to see what's in store for the year ahead!
  2. Any info on how many SRVs it takes to haul larger ships into orbit? (Still trying to form my SAS from 4 years ago!)
  3. Three fearless furies in formation form a formidable fighting force against any foe.
  4. The F-8ful day has arrived when I was finally awe-struck by lightning.
  5. Reintroducing SRV and Double Trouble...
  6. A drake starter ship that's a Cutter above the rest...
  7. Nothing new from Origin, so decided to check out the new activity displays instead.
  8. Hail Storms! Long may they rain...
  9. A Universe of Possibilities and yet nothing new from Aegis this year.
  10. Droolin' over the Syulen....and at last, a question I've asked of all the alien ships since the first expo has finally been answered!
  11. After the best CitizenCon in years, I have high hopes for this year's expo...
  12. And so IAE is over for another year and if sales are anything to go by, it's another successful event for CIG. It was an interesting choice to have Drake as the host manufacturer, but overall the colour scheme chosen was probably my favourite so far and those BIS skins can't come quickly enough. The highlight of the event, as always, was the Jax video's that seem to get better every year, and if they're anything to go by, the cut scenes for SQ42 should be in good hands. Unfortunately due to Evocati duties, I wasn't able to fully appreciate the event this year but having experienced what's just around the corner, all I can say is the best of 2952 is yet to come!
  13. I believe the Idris ships were sold in batches throughout the Aegis day. They're very popular and the ccu's go very quickly in minutes, if not seconds.
  14. This ship needs a Hitchhiker's Guide.
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