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  1. Welcome to Imperium!
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. Payens


      Been a couple of weeks BUT THANK YOUB)

  3. I guess all rewards and costs are not ballanced right know. Imho 3k is just an example, the mission could have also been rewarded with 100k, then everybody would complain about earning money is way too easy. For me, I've just enjoyed an hour of fluently playing and no system crashes or major bugs.
  4. Ok, just an overpriced light fighter ? I'm not going for that one. Though the Blade looks pretty neat, $250 for a gladius kinda ship is way too much imho.
  5. Thx for sharing, just bought one of these shiny metal cards.
  6. Yea, I'm really looking forward to getting some service on my javelin done Anyway I don't wanna see my ship burning ...
  7. I've only found a comment from Ben.
  8. I love this canopy armor thing Reminds me of the carrack. Though I don't get the logic of protecting the AI turret with an armored canopy and the manned one with glas
  9. I do remember Ben talking about that topic too but I'm pretty sure he was just talking about ships bought with real money. LTI is just for backers and won't be available any longer after game release. Still not 100% sure about it;) I'll try to find that source. Perhaps you are right VoA.
  10. still got a harbinger for sale?
  11. though I'd like to believe your words, I'm pretty sure that LTI won't be available to ships bought ingame. Insurance is an important money sink. Especially cap ships need to be expensive, otherwise everyone will own one 2 years after launch. This is important for the balance in the verse. Plus the cap ship owner gotta be brainless, ingnoring all the reminder mails from his insurance company
  12. Congrats to all new Idris owners!
  13. I DO! This leaked video shows that the javelin is sized up to 550 - 600m .
  14. I love the "star gate ring" design best