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  1. They just confirmed that the retractable turret is a thing but it won´t be in 3.6 because of time constraints. Variants are due in 3.7 so my guess is that we will have it then. 3.7 will finally add nose weapon variants. Also you will be able to swap each of the 4 weapons individualy. The Hoplite will most likely get it´s own loadout aswell. Furthermore the Hoplite is no longer a fixed hull variant and its middle module can be swapped out.
  2. Yes we should indeed. That´s one of the reasons why the infamous Dachshund landing gear is thankfully gone.
  3. Still not seeing a bottom turret. I like the new position of the upper turret, but I´m not sure about the new rear spine section. It kind of looks like it has a humpback. I am a fan of the extended rear engine plates.
  4. They are reworking the pods by making them wider, this requires external changes to the ship. The Hoplite will be the base for all these changes so get used to the wider rear. They also talked about possible misisle bays in the shoulders like in the concept. They are also tweaking the turret and are investigating if it can actually be made retractable. But no word about the weapons yet.
  5. They talked about extendable armor plates that extend over the engines in flight mode. This primarily would server the purpose of making the back look longer and I´m all for it. The downside of the 125m ship on a 128m pad is that you have an extremly small error margin. There is just 1.5 meter to the front and back that seperate you from kissing a landingbay wall. Think of the Hurston Lorville style hangars. The bottom turret is currently missing, but they stated that it functionaly stayed the same as in concept. So lets just assume that it was not finished yet. Also they have roundabout 9 to 12 month before this baby gets shipped so there is a lot of time to add missing things and improve this. It´s promising and I like it.
  6. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    This just shows that armor is not in the game yet and that the balance is just not right. A light fighter should scratch its teath off at the armor/shields of a Corvette or bigger ship class because those are actually the targets that the bombers were designed to take out. 3 x S9 torpedoes should cripple a Reclaimer severly otherwise it won´t make any sense to fly a bomber. What´s the point of a Retaliator with 6 crew members then? Just fly 6 Auroras and you´ll kill your target faster and cheaper. 3 seconds of "hold left mousebutton" should not equal one Size 9 torp.
  7. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    Totaly unnecessary, totaly obstructed.
  8. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    The Scanning part was more ment to explain potential scanning gameplay for your target not the stealth craft itself. 3-5 km is also the range I imagine the "combat" to take place in, I also agree on the "dynamic hard limit" to stealth. (Dynamicly impacted by the targets sensor/scanning suite and the skill of the scan operator).
  9. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    I´m with Reavern here. Shooting a torpedo at 20+ KM range is kind of ineffective and boring. First it´ll get blown out of the emptiness of space before it´s even close and second it´s again not fun. This is a game after all. The closer you are to your target the less time your target has to react to your actions. Also it´s more dangerous to the stealth craft itself but this balances out "risk and reward". Also scanning is not just a passive thing like it is now. It will also have an active gameplay element where the scanning crew has to identify objects against background noise and identify and detect potential threats by investigating signature traces. Maybe you can´t get a full lock and communicate the last know signature trace position to your patrols. The fluffy sales text of the Eclipse also promotes a " state-of-the-art scan diffusing technology" so a cross section scan should be hard to achieve unless you are close enough to the target and somebody is actively looking for you (or you are not showing the smallest cross section possible). It should not be easy to stay stealthy but it should also not be easy to track a dedicated stealth craft through passive sensors and scanning.
  10. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    My fear ist just that this metal plate infront of the instruments results in another Cutlass 2.0 like cockpit. Where you can´t see the horizon or whatever is infront of you. That things cockpit is horrendusly bad, to the point where flying it is not fun.
  11. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    Stealth isn´t an excuse to artificially limit the cockpit view. The Sabre has a good cockpit view and it´s supposed to be a stealth craft. Can´t find any metal plates directly infront of the face of the pilot there. Knowing CIG the pilot will sit so low he can´t even look through the side windows.
  12. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    From the latest RTV Cockpit visibility looks extremly bad with all the metal plating around it.
  13. Shifty

    Aegis Eclispe

    To revitalize this topic. No it does not look good. Look at the concept art of the scheduled for 3.2 picture above and then look at the latest RTV render. What do we see? Artficialy limited cockpit view. After the Razor and the Terrapin I frickin hate this move of CIG. "Lets put some more plates infront of the pilot so that he´s looking out of a 30 cm window like he´s driving a tank."
  14. I´m posting this here because on the official forums it seems like everyone freaks out when you tell them the truth about their favourite ship. Also I don´t get it why people only show the exterior. There was a whole collection of pictures for the interior ... and man the cutlass got BIG! It´s able to fit a dragonfly in the back (which barely fitted into the Freelancer in the Gamescom demo) and still has room for cargo behind it. That main body is splitted into two parts (cargo hold and living quaters) separated by an airlock with a room for the turret entrance right next to it. the beds and other stuff are also in the living quaters that connect to the cockpit. This IS now the evil twin of the Freelancer in size and function.
  15. One known issue with the Vanguards is it´s hields. It currently has 6 "small" shields equipped and the game does not like that so it only uses 2 of them (or something like that). This wa stated in yesterdays RtV, the Vanguard is the first ship that really uses the "new" components system, which the game does not support yet ....
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