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  1. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    As I said "the Upgrade is only "worth it" if you have a discount Aurora."
  2. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    The Upgrade is only "worth it" if you have a discount Aurora. The price of an Aurora plus the correct upgrade equals 135$ so at this point you can simply buy the warbond edition which also includes the suite.
  3. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    135$ is cheaper than expected. One could say it´s a reasonable pricetag.
  4. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    The devs showing the ship ingame is a nice move indeed. I like the new RSI cockpit design. The "struts, but not in the middle of your face" approach works somehow. I hope they rework the Constellation in this way ... and I hope they keep the Polaris as it is 😁
  5. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    Just because you can doesn´t automaticaly mean you should. To me this is an Advocacy ship, because otherwise it just would not make sense at all. The device is only usefull for two scenarios law enforcement or breaking ther law. RSI is a reputable company that distances itself from pirating so why sell a ship like this to everyone. If this thing would only be sold to reputable bounty hunters or police forces it would make sense to be RSI. But as it stands now it would be more fitting for a Drake ship, no matter who invented quantum jumping. What I´m trying to say is that we simply don´t need a specialized ship for every new feature. For some features it makes sense to create a specialized ship, but for others it simply doesn´t. Interdiction is one of those cases. They could have made this a device that you mount instead of missiles, the more you have the bigger the area of effect. You sacrifice something to gain something else. Star Citizen is currently not doing this. Take the Nautilus fort example. "You need a specialized ship for mine laying", because CIG said so. What is stopping you from just dropping a mine out of your cargo hold and activating it? Nothing. But CIG decided that it is this way, there is no logical reason behind it. A Reclaimer could theoreticaly hold mines in its cargo hold and a NEMO drone it its drone bay. To further clarify: It´s not the ship that invalidates, it´s the feature that is locked to the ship. The feature requiring a specialized ship devalues bounty hunting ships like the Hawk or Avenger aswell as pirate ships like the Cutlass. As a bounty hunter flying those ships you now have to wait until your target has landed or otherwise exited quantum in a location where it can´t escape back into quantum easily. I think that those ships should be able to pull their target out of quantum if they catch up to it or manage to cross its path. To me a hostile player in a Hornet is just a griefer or someone really bored - at least at the moment. Later on they could also defend their mining spot etc. and their initial goal would be to get rid of you so they either destory you or you flee and they have achieved their goal. Currently they gain nothing from destroying you except a crime stat and rearming costs. When I´m talking about pirating i mean a pirate that is hunting for the cargo of others. How can a pirate keep you from just quantum jumping away into the unknown? At least the snaring should be something that a fighter/combat ship should be able to do. Keep your target from fleeing so that he does not alert others of your presence if you are in a military scenario, or keep a criminal from escaping police forces - or keep a target from fleeing some pirates. As mentioned above, at least the snaring part should be widely available among combat ships if they equip certain "modules" instead of missiles, etc. It would ruin the game in its current form. BUT once the player reputation system and law enforcement systems are in full play alongside full persistence it would offer a wider variety of ships that can perform this role. As you mentioned above you could even make the interdiction satelite expensive so that it actually hurts when you have to destroy it. This way you add gameplay without restricitng it to certain ships and if you own a specilized ship you have some advantages. I never mined an asteroid outside of the PTU because I don´t own a Prospector, Star Citizen needs to step away from issues like this but they keep creating them. Ship rentals surely will change this but it´s still limited to only this one specific ship for the feature. They did not even announce any new mining ships since they implemented the feature. If you don´t like the Mantis you are out of luck if you want to do the interdiction gameplay for quite a while. I hope I clarified my standpoint a bit better. Some of the other members here also voiced their opinions about features being locked to ship hulls so I know that I´m not the only one thinking this way. As I said: Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn´t. But we are highly offtopic so ... as of now I´m also waiting on further information and especialy the pricetag for the Mantis. As it stands now I´d pass.
  6. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    They could allways make the Mantis a ship that was designed for the Advocacy. The current marketing campaign is a bit lacking in regards to the lore. It just creates Hype, nothing else. Questions like this "why RSI not Drake" etc. could be answered now if they´d release some Lore story etc. alongside the finished picture. And I am still highly against the idea of anti ship versatility. This is yet another ship for yet another role that devalues other ships even further. Pirating is IMPOSSIBLE without a sepcialized quantum interdiction ship like the Mantis. This basically made pirating un-solo-able because your target will just quantumjump away while laughing at you. Or you take a Mantis and hope that you are not outgunned and if you manage to disable your target you cant store most of the loot. Interdiction NEEDS to be a thing that almost any ship can do but it also needs to be a highly illegal activity in monitored space. But the train has already left the station regarding that topic. The only satisfying solution would be that a quantum interdiction devices can be swapped with EMP generators so that other ships also gain the ability to do this. AND they need to add interdiction satelites, something similar to a mine that you can deploy from your ship and remotely activate (unlike mines you should not need a special ship for that ... ´s a device you store as cargo and once you want to use it you lin kit to your ship and just drop it in space). This way you can actualy "solo" pirate in just a Cutlass. After you completed a raid you can either collect the thing to use it again (costs time and may allow others to engage you), destroy the thing (to leave no trace of you behind) or let it be if you need to escape fast (police forces or bounty hunters could scan it to gain some tiny bit of data traces that might be used to identify the ship or the player).
  7. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    Highly depends on the perspective of the person reading it. Other ships could just mean other specialized ships just like the Mantis. They even confirmed this by talking about specialy designed interdictiopn captial class ships one sentence later. There is also a German Gamestar article: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/star-citizen-rsi-mantis-quantum-travel-enforcement,3349340.html Some information from that: Single Seater ship Not well armed (two small laser canons and two missile hardpoints) so my guess would be 2x3 for the weapons
  8. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    An article was leaked about the ship ... Initial Source: StarCitizen Leaks Discord https://www.newsweek.com/star-citizen-rsi-mantis-reveal-exclusive-quantum-enforcement-gameplay-price-1460985 Apparently the Article was not leaked, but on time as CIG just tweeted about it. So basically it´s straight to flyable and its main features are "Quantum Snaring" and "Quantum Dampening". One pulls you out of quantum the other keeps your drive from spooling up.
  9. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    The thing that bothers me the most is that they give an in Lore explanation for everything that happens in the PU at the moment. So when a police Avenger or Pirate Buccaneer pulls me out of quantum ... how exactly does that happen? Because of this everyone expected it to be a module that you could fitt onto almost every ship. Also why RSI and not DRAKE for the most pirate thing possibly ever.
  10. Shifty

    RSI Mantis

    The idea of another heavy fighter is nice. I am looking forward to this ship. But - I don´t like the idea of interdiction being something you need a specialized ship for. My hopes/wishes: - A bit of internal space with beds, small personal storage and dedicated cargo grid (~2 SCU would be enough to store at least some mission boxes securely) - A second seat for a turret/gunner <-- current picture may indicate this is not the case or it´s on the back side that is not shown - A loadout that is apropriate for a heavy fighter (looking at you Vanguard!) RSI is known for their versatility so this should (hopefully) be realistic expectations.
  11. Yes, but the Naut is not flat. For example a turret placed on the spine could cover more than what the current palcement could, due to the angled armor plating. There would still be a blindspot on the rear that´s only covered by the missile turret (limited in capacity) but at least the turrets could shoot at stuff comming from the top and bottom rear. The turret would be temporarily blocked by the mine laying device but the firing arc would still be better than with the current setting. This is what I imagine, the turret is not scaled up, it was just cut and moved in paint. I think that would be a lot better, but that´s just my opinion.
  12. Still not a fan of the turret coverage. I´d have prefered the side turrets to be one on the top side and one on the bottom side. Still not convinced that this is a great ship for anything else than mine laying. So I´ll probably make this one of my ingame goals rather than dumping money on it right now. One more thought: How does the Naut do the mine sweeping? The drone is just another enemy vessel that´s a potential target to a hostile mine. So it has to have some sort of E-War jamming device to either disable the mine temporarily or it´s able to Equipping long range guns on the huge S7 mounts to blow them up seems the obvious choice but any ship with decent guns can do that.
  13. I was thinking about purchasing a CCU because of that juicy twin S7. But after that my gaze went to the rest of the turrets and their god awfull placement. I´ll pass.
  14. They just confirmed that the retractable turret is a thing but it won´t be in 3.6 because of time constraints. Variants are due in 3.7 so my guess is that we will have it then. 3.7 will finally add nose weapon variants. Also you will be able to swap each of the 4 weapons individualy. The Hoplite will most likely get it´s own loadout aswell. Furthermore the Hoplite is no longer a fixed hull variant and its middle module can be swapped out.
  15. Yes we should indeed. That´s one of the reasons why the infamous Dachshund landing gear is thankfully gone.
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