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  1. From everything i could gather about Information (in general), i have more and more questions, mainly how it is acquired. In my opinion a ship like the Herald would be fairly useless as its ONLY (current) purpose is that of ´´only carrying`` data. What i think would make it interesting if it could also obtain information different to the scans a Tracker Hornet could. Let´s say Heralds came equipped with Hacking capabilities which for example allow you to find out the regular resource/goods trading routes of a Factory. Now this would become interesting to any type of organization, bands of pirates could fully plan what trade routes are the easiest/most valuable to prey on. Bigger orgs could engage in more detailed economical war, maybe against other aspiring orgs. Do you guys think, from the information we have so far, that the Herald serves a purpose which can not be fulfilled otherwise?
  2. Vielen dank @Ryofar aber ich denke ich warte bis ich ´´das Recht`` habe eine Signatur zu nutzen. Appreciate the warm welcome everyone
  3. Makes sense, thanks for letting me know
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Jakob, generally my name on online Forums is CheezisCrust but i plan to rename my SC name to Ronin when such an option will be available. Im 19 years old and i live in western Germany (Aachen) I´m looking forward to traveling and impacting the verse with all of you I´m still exploring the SCB forum and am looking to acquire a signature, can someone of you point me to the Signature section? Thanks alot, hope to hone my combat skills with you soon enough in the DFM
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