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  1. Sure, modern day tech companies might not be around in 900 years, but surely there are other options...
  2. This year was a rough one for me. Melted/CCU: Jump 890, Retaliator, Phoenix, Gladius, Ghost, 315p, M50 and 2 of my Super Hornets. New this year: Endeavor, Crucible, Vanguard, Sabre Unchanged: Cutlass Red, Starfarer, Super Hornet, Tracker, Gladiator Over the past year my preference for ships has changed from dogfighting to multi-crewed fleet support type ships, but the first ships I got, a Gladiator and a Starfarer, are still my most anticipated playstyles.
  3. I think the real question is, why jump into a Phoenix when everyone seems to be bailing on it,
  4. I just CCU'd my Phoenix for a Crucible, pretty much for the same reason. And then I CCU'd my Ghost for a Sabre. That reminds me, I'm going to need a new sig banner...
  5. I think I'm going to crew up my Gemini and take a few laps around Jupiter to sell some gas on Day 1.
  6. I sold some ships and picked-up the Master set, so I'm good for anything, but the focus in one specialization for the Endeavor is too extreme. It really does need additional module slots to be effective in even just one spec. The Hope, or Discovery configs alone could use spare slots for crew/service, defense, a hangar or fuel module. As the Design Doc below states, they're looking at Hope class ships without a Hangar, apparently. There's only a 3 slot setup for the Endeavor, and losing the Hangar module for the Defense one cripples the revenue stream, since the respawn shuttle service is how the ship makes money. I think they were far too conservative for the Endeavor in the number of slots available for it to be even viable as envisioned. If CIG said tomorrow, "We're adding hull slot additions (hull structural lengthening) as Upgrades later", all would be forgiven.
  7. I'm putting my money on CIG expanding the Endeavour to 4x2 slots, likely as a future upgrade. By their own design statement, they've talked about adding a defensive module to a Hope class as a lucrative way to make coin, but they seem to forget that the hangar is absolutely essential to the Hope class. If the only reason to spawn on a Hope class is to get back into the action quicker than from a distant planet, how exactly do you make money without a hangar? How do injured pilots and crew board a Hope class without it? It just contradicts too much of their design philosophy.
  8. Farcaster

    MISC Endeavor

    Bye, bye Retaliator, hello Hope class! I'll have to think of what else to melt on Tuesday, but I'm really looking forward to getting a hospital ship to park my Cutlass Red in.
  9. The biggest difference is that I got laid after an Iron Maiden concert. These guys... not so much.
  10. Even if the Harbinger carries significantly more armor, that doesn't necessarily equate to better survivability. A slower, more sluggish fighter has its drawbacks too. The base Warden is a good compromise of firepower and armor, and is already not as nimble as a Hornet as it is. Adding more plate armor could swing the balance too far. It does all come down to play-style, though. Some people like a tank, some like a knife-fight.
  11. A lot of old-school space-simmers know of DS from back in the late 80's and early 90's. The guy was a frickin' legend as a flake. His ego is beyond compare and he just cannot comes to grips with CR's success as a developer compared to his own.
  12. My understanding is that all crew NPCs are hired-on as paid crew on a monthly basis. You pay X amount of credits, depending on the skill set and skill level of that NPC. Even those of us with multiple packages will have to pay those customized crew to fly for us. The part I find difficult to figure out is, as NPCs fly with us, they can upgrade their skill level with experience and practice. Who gets credit for training up a good gunner or co-pilot? Do we in turn have to give that NPC a "raise" the next month if he has an increased skill level if we still want to keep him as crew? Does a player get any credit for training an NPC?
  13. If I had the coin, I'd get a second Vanguard just to avoid waiting for the inevitable insurance claim after I accidentally ram into my Starfarer with it. However, after hearing the Q&A today, the only factor that doesn't change with a BUK is the cosmetic aspect. All weapons and hardware on the ship is swapped using a BUK. You can therefore safely melt your other Vanguards if you want, you won't be losing anything other than having a back-up ship (or one to load up with NPCs as an escort to yours).
  14. I definitely agree with the idea to get ships based on their stated role, rather than the particulars of the ever-changing stats. The role of a ship is fairly black and white and is unlikely to change a great deal. Every variant I've gotten has been to narrow the focus of a role for a base-model ship, because that's my goal, to use my ships in a given role, not as a hull to be a Jack of All Trades. I don't really own a general use ship other than the Phoenix, and as soon as it's revised and given modularity, I'm going gut it and find a role for it other than as "luxury touring". There's no way I'm taking a ship out on a mission unless I know I have to tools to accomplish something. If all I want to do is fly around and sight see, I'll take my 315p, probably. My Warden is going to fill a combat escort role that my Super Hornet may not be capable of. If a fleet action needs a heavy hitter or a jammer, then at least I can swap a BUK and fill that role.
  15. I'm not one of those persons who disagreed with variants, in fact I've been pretty vocal on the RSI forums about it. The more variety and choice available in the game the better, however that's accomplished. I like modularity and variants almost equally. The BUK system provides both in one mechanic, and should address the major concern of those people who feel variants are just a cash grab. As for the easy $5 discount by way of CCU > Harbinger then picking up the Warden and Sentinel BUKs, I thought about it, but decided to keep my stock Warden for mostly cosmetic reasons. I may not ever use either of the variants, as the Warden was always my weapon of choice with the Vanguard. I plan on using it as an escort for my Starfarer Gemini.
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