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  1. all Hercules are to expensive for what they do...except maybe the c2, the BMM has 5 times the cargo (with the info we have atm) for 50 bucks more? however, the M2 makes a nice base to upgrade to Hull E or anything over $500 with the A2 you could upgrade to a polaris (+$50) or a 890(+$190) and still have the tank(~$100)
  2. I own 3 Hull E and 2 Hammerhead... lets team up and get some convoys going;D I even got 4 banu defenders for escort-fighters all we needs is 60 to 80 willing ppl to crew it all p.s. the way to make money in a Hull E is misson cargo runs, no need to buy the goods yourself, less risk and should be good reward considering you haul ~100000 scu
  3. i want to play vandul swarm with a hammerhead!!!:D ofc i'd need 6 gunners^^
  4. I would be interested in a hammerhead with Tachyon cannons, either a full Tachyon loadout or mixed in with repeaters. I do not like ammo weapons at all, to limiting, what good is it if you fire 3000 rounds per minute if you only have 1500 ammo? size 4 repeaters should have a fairly good range themself, maybe not 5km, but 2.5-3km i could imagine. Most fighters do not have that range, so a Hammerhead can fire befor a fighter even gets into effective range of its guns. The positive aspect of tachyons is faster the light "bullet" witch should put it to a faily good extreme range over the M6 lasers, maybe 7km? we will see once there enter the game... other then that, you planed in 2D, but we play in 3D 1 HH ahead. 1 left, 1 right, 1 up, 1 down, 1 rear should be a better aproach with a terrapin as advanced scout and a fighterscreen that be tough to beat whatever guns you use. but remember LTI only covers base ship moduls, so it is also a cost factor changing weapons p.s. also if you want high fire output close range check out scatterguns, those are like Flak guns
  5. I personally opted for the hammerhead as a anti fighter platform for escorting cargo-ships. The fear factor alone will make me feel save in a hull E
  6. love it! no more question which ship i bring should i fly escort^^ p.s. it does not need to drop anything...2-3 hammerheads clean the LZ and let a starliner drop 300 marines ^^ something like that lol
  7. Chris von Hoff

    Anvil Hawk

    It is clearly a transformer type ship that converts into a robot ^^:D kidding aside, it does look like it could change similar to a karthu-al but we will see later today...
  8. the ship is buyable ingame... when do you think you'll need to build a base..1 month 2 month in? not on day one... not worth it (with the infos we have atm)
  9. 500kg-1 ton at 80% light is a planetkiller! (look up the formula on wiki and do the math..should be a few terratons TNT if not more) 100g at 10% light is around 5 megatons TNT kinetic-impact, if i remember correctly (i did the math once, a few years back)
  10. I saw a few of the inforunners BMM vids and i had to shake my head at the gun size they came up with. Those early concept arts was for the 60m Banu merchantman, it only increased in size at a later date. On the other hand, now that the BMM is increased to 150-155m length, i would not be surprised to see capital size guns like the STS on the Idris beeing mounted on the BMM. I is still my favorite ship in star citizen though
  11. Chris von Hoff

    Aegis Redeemer

    It is obvious... once the rework is done they sell it for $350 $250 was to cheap compared to a Vanguard Warden, at least with all those guns. and i do not mind if it gets bigger... Wonder if a fixed size 6 fit on the lower turret spot ^^ if not, 2 missile-racks should do the trick too
  12. When i first saw the scout it was listed with 6 gun mounts, after it finaly was for sale it was down to 2 gun mounts. That realy anoid me ^^ The pricetag warrented at least 4 guns
  13. if you look for something durable with firepower and cargohold get a Freelancer MIS, near the same price then the superhornet but class 5 shields and powerplant with 4 size 4 guns and a load of missles
  14. Banu MM should be runable with 4 or 5, you need a pilot, 2 gunners (for turrets) someone to look after power and shields and someone firing the main guns (could be pilot) I cannot see the need for 8 atm, but there might be a reason or 2 edit: 3-4 npcs and you as pilot/forwardgunner should be doable
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