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  1. When i first saw the scout it was listed with 6 gun mounts, after it finaly was for sale it was down to 2 gun mounts. That realy anoid me ^^ The pricetag warrented at least 4 guns
  2. if you look for something durable with firepower and cargohold get a Freelancer MIS, near the same price then the superhornet but class 5 shields and powerplant with 4 size 4 guns and a load of missles
  3. Banu MM should be runable with 4 or 5, you need a pilot, 2 gunners (for turrets) someone to look after power and shields and someone firing the main guns (could be pilot) I cannot see the need for 8 atm, but there might be a reason or 2 edit: 3-4 npcs and you as pilot/forwardgunner should be doable
  4. The size 6 powerplant is a little weak compared to the size 7 in the phoenix and it only has size 6 shields, like the phoenix. I wonder how the 3 class 4 turrets are controled, though it lags forward guns, its one fine looking ship and the X85 is nice! I assume the stats are getting tweaked later on. the sale was less then 20 min btw, i refreshed saw 20 left and once mine got through (which took 5 tries hitting process) and i checked again it was 0 ^^ good luck with the next batches
  5. The Xi'an scout is my only small ship (2 or less seats) the LTI really make me proud to own one now I belief its going to be a very unique flying style in that ship and the (afaik) 6 guns (2x class 1 size 4 and 4x size 2 class 2) should be enough power to 'dance' with the better dogfighters.
  6. We might see some presentation either in october or at pax Australia hopefully
  7. there will also be the cargopod option for outside mounts... the 350R is the more flexible ship then the M50 hmm i would vote xi'an scout
  8. I do hope so ! only question will be how many they sell and for how much, since they raise the price every time ... 500 BMMs would go inside 5 minutes
  9. I doubt that, the 2 TR4 in a 350R should push the 20 ton craft far above the M50 meager TR2s that weighs 12 tons
  10. at the current specs the 350R will not be as speedy as the m50. the 350R weight is double that of the M50 and both have 2x TR4 max engines... but i think once the hangar version/AC version comes out we see some new stats ...and maybe a launch-sale..?
  11. Well, frigates can carry 4 or even 6 fighters now can't they? so all you need is a 12 ship convoy, with 6 idris and 6 transports and either 24 hornets or 36 The Idris P's should have more cargo then a conny (unlike the shipspec stats) which would make a nice high security transport and a 6x6 formation would cover all 6 (in 3 D space) 'angles' (point, rearguard, top, down, left and right) with overlapping fire-arcs.
  12. well i was wrong on this one, the Panther is obviously the (escort)carrier (mentioned in the august report) As for the xi'an cargoship, i could envision a similar size as the banu merchantman with some interesting thruster config and xi'an weaponry. There is a reason why the Xi'an build the Misc Hull D in a license agreement, its a huge containership, so obviously they do not need another big one.
  13. the biggest cargohold, with the stats we know about, is the Hull C. Does that make me want one...not really...why? ...it has 1 turret.. and thats it. On the other hand and thx for the size comparison up there, the starfarer looks a LOT bigger then the conny, some say the 900 FU in the shipstats are only internal cargo without the tanks, well i agree and i think we will see a lot more on the starfarer soon, just not this year... While the Banu MM might be a very nice choice, there might be new ones on the horizon, like the Xi'an cargoship we know nothing about. I am fully prepared to spend $250 on either (and both) and i want a starfarer to boot. I like options
  14. well i must have mixed somthing up then..i am only human that was a Trubulent 'faux pas' and it was fixed fast because Ben got a text from two backers while beeing on a vidcall with turbulent in toronto...
  15. I have a theory... In one ATV they mentioned the Xi'an Cargoship and then they did not mention it ever again, but they started mentioning the panther, without explaining what it was. well i added 1 and 1 and my theory is that it is one and the same. (it was said it going to be renamed though) From the look of it the design is coming along well and maybe we see it soon