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  1. Steam won't allow me to refund TES:O, their so mean ;_;
  2. I used to have a redeemer, now I have a Retaliator with Dropship capabilties.
  3. I am interested because its Arma 3 but I have no idea what your on about (Ohh yay, 30 posts )
  4. "I am not afraid of an army of lions lead by a sheep, but I am afraid of an army of sheep lead by a lion" - Alexander the Great

    1. stefmarster


      He truely was a great man.

  5. Ohh you piece of s***, new conglomerate scum! Terran Republic ftw

  6. What I usually say with technology gained in war (self-quoting btw): "We may gain our technological and possibly sociological expansion in times of war, how ever the road which it takes is always to be destruction, and if continued on a long span, may turn to be the end of both sides or the species fighting. The technology which is used and/or adapted in times of peace but designed during a war(s) are expansions of it, like a turn off on a motorway. But the motorway always has one path, how ever you may want to see it, and that path is the lead to some weapon which can be used to destroy the opposite side. How ever, if one side managed it, so can the other (doesn't need to be the same side that they were fighting, could be a latter war) and mutual destruction is assured. While the motorway leads to what ever weapon or technology it may hold, we can be assured that there is always a cliff right next to it"
  7. I would rather say that the tactics are fleet/navy tactics. Aircraft are fast, quick maneuverability tactics while with some of the larger ships we can expect slower but more powerful battles. Just sayin'
  8. I wanted to do quickly inform of those who don't know. This christmas coming up, will be the one where it would be 100 years since the most spectacular cease fire in the history of wars occurred. World War One as many of you may know was a slaughter house and unlike World War Two, there was hardly any reason to it. During and the lead up to the first christmas of World War One, December 1914, the British and German Artillery with out orders, started to fire away from the enemy and even stopped firing entirely. During this "cease fire", just before Christmas Eve/Day, one part of the german trenches they placed up small trees with candles in front of their trenches. Then finally, on Christmas Day, the germans and the british soldiers walks up from their trenches and meet up on no mans land. Legend says they played football, some say they didn't, but what is known is that they celebrated christmas together, exchanging gifts around with each other, such as alcohol beverages, cigars/cigarets, food supplies such as meat and even their own helmets they exchanged. Imagine the pain they both had when they were ordered to shoot the next day. I want people to reflect on both the unnecessary sacrifices, and when I say unnecessary its because they died for a very stupid reason (my opinion). Unlike World War Two where the reasons were more clear, this was a general panic by other countries and chain reactions by small allies around different countries, started by an assassination. I don't think the british nor the germans had better reasons, and I think people misjudge the germans heavily due to World War Two. "So many have died for so little" We can also learn from this, not just World War One entirety but also specifics of Christmas Truce. I won't say what they are because I want you to reflect what they might be (but do post it if you wanna) Wanna read more about it, here is the link to wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_truce Post what your opinions are, anything stories you know about this topic you might wanna share with us. Remember this event while celebrating christmas
  9. I was just browsing the forums and saw this threa- I mean umm, embassy and the first thing I thought of in my head was "Is that a movie?". Anyways, love the name Welcome
  10. I can't tell if its good or bad that I only like romantic-comedy anime...
  11. It's the opposite I think, I am talking about that I did the recruitment form on this website but what about the group on "robertspaceindustries.com"? How does that work?
  12. Thank you guy's for the good responses, I do have a question how ever: I did the requirement tap thingy but I do not seem to understand how or what to do in the actual group on the official website; Can anyone help me?
  13. Hello, I am new and this would be a good idea to say some things about myself so, with out further a due; I found this community through the "Star Citizen Organization" tab and I thought this would be a cool place to try out my Hornet. I often play such as G'mod, Mount & Blade Wardband and some Planetside 2. I have had some ships during the time I have assigned to Star Citizen including: Aurora, Avenger, Freelancer and now the Hornet. I saw the amount of members in this certain community so I thought why not. I am currently in a G'mod community designed to be for Roleplaying, specifically in the time of Half Life 2 (More then not Half Life 2 Beta, to be exact). I have been in a few communities and Teamspeak Channels e.tc and I have good hope for this community. I want to ask, how ever if I should get the Freelancer instead of the Hornet because as this is a community for Exploration? Anyways, I hope I would have it nice here and I would like to see you in battle in the near future, the name on the main website is "Captain Jack" - Steampunk
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