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  1. Do you want to make credits? Ready to explore your shady side, yet maintain your Citizenship? Tired of not getting those escort contracts your squadron promised (seem to go to the top guys don’t they)? The Red Eye Syndicate is now open for applications @ http://redeye-syndicate.com About Us: Why grind away your time mining & trading? Anything we can exploit to roll in credits is what we’re about. Gambling, bounty services, races, ship dealing, ship sanitizing are just a few of the opportunities the Syndicate will put together for you. We’ll follow the model of the mafia, with a boss, capos, foot soldiers, associates, and of course, customers. If you are interested please read our “About Us” and “Charter” pages before applying @ http://redeye-syndicate.com Organization/Guild name: Red Eye Syndicate Leader / Contact Name: Laighean V. Sovrano – Don Intended size: Empire Main goals: Establish opportunities for our members to earn credits in as fun a manner as possible (no grinding) & provide a centralized “grey” base of operations. Our base will be located on the fringe of secure and non-secure space, but we will expand sector by sector. More information: If you’ve ever wanted to join the Mafia, this is the closest you’ll come in Star Citizen. Our intended customer base is on the darker side, but we will have business dealings with everyone. Our services will be valuable to pirates, so we expect our trade lanes to remain clear. Current Guild resources: Corvette x3, Tankers x2, Retaliators x3, Stellas x5, at least 12 “spare fleet” 300i/Hornets/Vanduuls/Gladiators along with others. We have our own Team Speak Server. We are an equal-opportunity employer. Join the Family today @ http://redeye-syndicate.com !!! Please post in this thread your intention to apply, in addition to your application on our website, to share your interest with the rest of the forum. http-~~-//youtu.be/I5AzNl5b35A
  2. Is this your character name in game? If so I'll try and contact you soon. Did you want or need a friend key to apply? If so pm me here with an email address to send it to. Very glad to see some interest gaining here! Something to note, regards to creating the guild. We'll need ten players and will need to coordinate being online at the same time for the guild creation. Those characters also must be subscribed i.e. not still on a trial. My character name in game is the same here, Schmidtrock. To contact me if I'm online type in the chat bar /msg Schmidtrock message goes here. If I'm not online it will tell you so and offer you the option of leaving a note.
  3. I believe it can be applied to what's left of the trial. Almost certain. Also, your 8 hour trial period is logged in game time so it goes a lot further than it seems. The two week friend key is two weeks once applied. I'll be glad to send you one just pm me an email address to send it to.
  4. 4 friend keys left. First one went out to ExDrT, have fun!
  5. Vendetta Online is great also, for the multiplayer online open universe type experience. PM for a friend key if you'd like. I have five available.
  6. So, while we await the launch of SC who would like to join me in taking over the VO universe? Take a look at this awesome MMORPG that's been around for years now and just keeps getting better. I would love to get a group of fellow Star Citizens together and bring Imperium [bASE] into the VO universe. So, who's with me? I have five friend keys available which extends the 8 hour trial period to a 2 week period. If interested, shoot me a pm with an email addy and the first five get one. To form a guild we'll need ten founding members, and to add to the 'fun' all ten need to be online at the time of guild creation. http://www.vendetta-online.com http://www.vo-wiki.com/wiki/Main_Page
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