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  1. I was a bit unfortunate here, but Morgenroete turned to be a gentlemen ! Thank you for the bonus !
  2. As @Chimaera told you can not sell your 400i, unless you melt it, and buy it back with the buyer's money. But you'll end up with the equivalent of its store credit value in your hangar wallet. So you dont gain anything here. Also, do not expect to sell the 400i over its actual value, as it is straight to flyable, and people can buy it themselves cheaper (without your paypal/ebay tax). Upgrading the ship wont make it giftable, since it is already bound to your accout (gifted). So your plan above to sell on ebay cant work here. Only thing you can do is to inject some fresh real money in a ship token (thus giftable), melt the 400i, and buy some CCUs with the credits, then upgrade that token to something people usually buy. Since the ship was gifted, your friend can not ask for a refund anymore. Honestly, you wont get much money, no more than the melt value of the ship anyway, even if you make another ship with a token using CCUs. Most people selling CCU'ed ships, when they are not LTI and not below original price, simply end stuck with them Your best bet is probably to sell the store credit from melting the 400i (generally at 70% its value), since I doubt you can make any interesting CCU'ed ship and be competitive with the actual market. Why not just be thankfull to your friend and use the store credit to get new ships for yourself?
  3. Nice stuff indeed I would have bought the scythe if I was not already after something else :)
  4. Hey radoorid, I remember you from my very early years here 😛 (you're one of my very very few followers^^), I've been much silence since, but I wish you the best I myself have moved away from the fleet last year, but Imp still has some special place in my heart, so still lurking here Fly safe ! vahadar
  5. Thank you @Chimaera I think we might be late After @Brosion removed his account sale I am really after another original account (for my little pirate^^ he will be able to play soon(tm) when the game is released^^) with the F7A upgrade haha.
  6. Hello @Ragnor I am in the market for a second original backer account, so if @bOcy is not taking your account, I am interested. I am also ready for a bidding war with him if needed, please see my private message Cheers
  7. This was a mistake from my part, corrected in the messages posted in May yesterday, as I have not updated them when I have updated my guide since. Unfortunately, if the Andromeda went above MSR (215 to 240, and since old Warbond CCU Andro (215) to MSR is 5$) it is now invalid, and will stay forever invalid. Since it was warbond, you can try and ask support to let you buy back them at the original price. My assumption with cash is a theory, as others (for my exemple with the Hull-E) explained to me that the price difference did not go from 150 to 50 when repurchased because the CCU is very old and the system was then different than today mechanism. This is anyway not related to your issue here.
  8. Actually this might turn to be a very profitable misfortune because : The Andromeda went from 215 to 240. Ok it screwed a few CCU and made others less interesting. But you still have the Vulcan which is not released, which is the cheapest ship between the Hurricane and the Andromeda. Considering the MSR price jump during production and release, I "bet" that the Vulcan will be released at 235$ maximum. This means, if the bet is correct that a Hurricane to Vulcan would be 5$ when stored in buyback for repurchase. Stock a few of those CCUs, wait for the Vulcan release, and then buy some Vulcan (235) to Andromeda (240) CCUs (5$ if the bet comes true). This means an Andromeda would cost 10$ from a Hurricane (so 205$). Like this you have saved even more than compared to when the Andromeda was at 215, because all the ships under the Andromeda that are actually not released ( Corsair, Ares, San'tok yai, Scorpuis Railen), exept Vulcan here with my bet, will most certainly jump over 240$ when released, so any CCU TO Andromeda from those ships will be invalid if stored in buyback. I took that bet here and already stocked a ton of CCUs Goal is Vulcan at 235$ ^^ If you have Taurus CCUs from before the price jump, this is even more interesting obviously As Taurus to Hurricane is 5$, and you save 40$ with any Taurus CCU you stocked before the price jump, so the Andromeda would cost only 165$. Cheaper if you have even more warbond CCU lower than Taurus, or betting on future release (G12, Hull-A/B... if you missed CCUs like Talon, Nomad and so on in 2020).
  9. @tismoj Made a few edits because many mistakes in my previous posts in my explanations. So some of your quotes are not up to date anymore. In short I modified what I wrote above about price jumps and buybacks : When the FROM ship new value after price bump or release (or after a bump post release like Andromeda recently) is equal or superior to the TO ship old value (value at the time of CCU purchase), then the CCU is forever invalid for repurchase in buyback, whatever if the TO value will jump higher in the future. This is the state of CCU mechanism for now (it has been different in the past, it might be different in the future).
  10. Hello, I would like to get my hands on one F7A Military Hornet Upgrade (kit). They were sold for 20$ in 2013 and are now insanely high priced. I am looking to buy it at a "decent" price if you sell one. Name your price and I will let you know if it is "decent enough" for me I do not like to fuel price gouging resellers of the likes of StarHangar or Reddit... Cheers ! PS : if you are a fresh seller without any feedback from sale in Imperium (like too many sellers here), I will not buy from you.
  11. This is the unknown part yet Put that post from Zyloth in the "maybe" features, as it is not 100% guaranteed we will have it. But this is a chance to convert your P to a M, "maybe" someday.
  12. @JOHNO546 When was the account created, Is it also original backer by any chance (with original and veteran backer rewards)?
  13. @BrosionJust FYI, Idris P (K) would be upgradable to Idris M ingame : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/idris-update
  14. That is not entirely the case, see what i said after in previous post. If the FROM ship is the one not yet released, the price will be adjusted. For example, last Alien week, Merchantman raised from 350$ to 450$. If you had a Starfarer Gemini (340) to BMM (350), it is still 10$ if you buy it back now. if you buy back now a BMM to lets say carrack (600), CCU was 250, it is now 150. This is not true 100% of the time though for oldest CCU. My Hull-E example above still works because Hull-E (650) is still more expensive than Carrack (600), but is an exception since my CCU from Carrack (500) to Hull-E (650) is not adjusted to 50$ but 150$, when it should have, because bought originally with cash and not store credit (this is "my explanation" in that case, but for others it is just because as some point in Star Citizen history, the CCU mechanism changed, and for the oldest CCU even when melted, they do not adjust to newer CCU mechanism (FROM ship adjusting, TO ship not adjusting)). In your case, and if (unlike in previous post scenario where you said they would stay in hangar thus price are "frozen"), your whatever to Carrack (500) CCU was in buyback, and your Carrack (500) to Orion (575) was in buyback, this is what would happen upon buying them back : You could still buy the whatever to Carrack CCU at old price when melted and end with a 500$ Carrack (providing the FROM ship new value is less that the Carrack old value at the time of CCU first purchase). But the Carrack to Orion CCU wont be valid for repurchase any more, since Carrack new melt value is 600 and Orion still 575. In my example, new Carrack (600) melt value is still cheaper than Hull-E (650). So that is not the case here. But yes, as soon as the FROM ship new melt value is equal or superior to the TO ship melt value, you cant buy it back. Yes, you can still apply the chain of CCU stocked in hangar even if this leads to weird price optimization sometime (if a CCU using two not released ships see the final price difference being less than the original price difference, so you are stuck with a less interesting CCU, like old BMM at 350 to M2 480, and new BMM 500 to M2 520), you can also do it when stocked in buybacks providing intermediate TO ship from a CCU did not get more expensive that the next FROM ship CCU used in the chain. You will benefit from the cost saving of all CCU in the end. Yes, In hangar price is frozen forever for a CCU (FROM and TO melt prices) BUT you would need to buy another CCU to those ship (Crucible/Endeavour) when you want to build your C2, and if you do it after their release you will pay the high price because their new melt value will change, the same if those CCU are in buyback and if you do not have other CCU to those ships. So you would need to secure any CCU price if the FROM ship is not released yet. And even for released ships, if you consider the recent Andromeda price bump after the Taurus release (Andromeda is a common base for many CCU, and it jumped from 215 to 240 so some CCU are now invalid, like Andromeda to Hoplite, or less interesting in buyback if you did not secured also CCU to Andromeda). So in your example, you need to secure your Crucible and Endeavor with the Gemini since they are not flight ready. They should be fine, you can even test now since the C2 and M2 new price (400$ and 520$) are already in the upgrade shop. So you can see now that the price from a Crucible or Endeavor or 600i to whatever C2/M2 will not have changed in your buybacks. But still you need to secure the Crucible and Endeavour price. Here for example my Mole to C2 is still 45 when i check my buyback now, and when C2 new price is now 400.
  15. Yes that will work as long as they are in hangar. That is the mean reason to stock up on CCU and keep then in hangar (or in buybacks, if you bet on the CCU not being screwed up as long as the FROM ship stays cheaper than the TO ship). If the Carrack to Orion CCU was in your buyback it would have not been possible to buy it back since Carrack new price is superior to Orion price. Yes again it works. That is what i am doing here. I have many thousands CCU in buybacks or in hangar for that purpose only (betting on price jump and maximizing cheap upgrade path) for my personal use and my shop. All CCU get a "price bump" when the ship is flyable, and also sometime during development. Then you only have to bet on the price jump and buy CCU accordingly. Either buy a CCU from always available ships, or already released ship not always available (limited ships) to an not released ship, or between two not released ship, like in your example with the Vulcan to Corsair. What might happen if the Vulcan to Corsair CCU is stocked in buyback, and the Vulcan get a price jump first, lets say to 215 (actual Corsair price) or more, then the CCU wont be available for purchase but wont be deleted from your buybacks. And even if the Corsair is released above that 215 (lest say 250 my guess considered past increase like MSR), that CCU would still be invalid for repurchase since Vulcan new price would be superior or equal to Corsair old price (215). So you need to "guess" the price bumps when you want to buy a CCU where the FROM ship is not yet released, compared to a TO ship (released or not released) and make sure the FROM ship potential new value wont end higher that the TO ship value at the time of purchase. If the upgrade TO ship is not yet released, It is "officially" said a CCU price can jump if the CCU is stocked in buyback, but most of the time it does not jump at all and the cost remain the same as when you bought it. When the upgrade FROM ship is not yet released and the CCU stocked in buybacks, the new price of the CCU once the FROM ship is released will reflect the new difference between the two ships. When BOTH ships are not yet released and CCU stocked in buybacks, and once both are released, the CCU will in general adjust its price between the FROM new melt value and TO old melt value of both ships. In that case, a CCU might become invalid if the new FROM melt value is superior or equal to the old TO melt value. ----- @tismoj I wrote a guide on TEST about a lot of questions you are asking here. It summaries all official FAQs and what i know from experience : https://testsquadron.com/threads/faq-about-ships-upgrades-and-insurance-for-iae-and-general-fleet-planning.18187/
  16. Oh no no ! EVERYTHING included in the package is still there when you buy it back, that includes any flair/paint/gear or whatever that was included in the warbond package, in addition to SC and SQ42 or just SC. Sorry if my reply above was confusing you, i missed that concern from you about objects within a pack it seems. You need to just remember that everything that was in the item you bought is kept (insurance hangar, all items coming as bonus, game access and so on...). Even a reduced price (like promotion package) is kept (when not reduced because of a coupon), and if you do not see the price reduction on buyback, you can contact support to get it back, it is clearly stated in their official FAQ. Yes you can buy anything back with store credit as long as you have a buy back token, whether it is a warbond item or not. Maybe it was confusing for you when you tried to buy back the CCU since the interface is the same as when you buy a new CCU. It is during the check out process that you need to add store credit on step 1 if you want to buy it back with credit providing you have a token. That scenario will work 100% for you as a referral between you and your alt, and gifting back the purchased item from your alt after 30 days. I certainly misread your 2nd question in the previous post and thought you were talking about getting a second referral from the same account when buying the 10 years melted pack. Confusion cleared So if i read it again : Yes you can buy back the 10 years package intact (same as it was melted) to gift the account, buying this 10y pack back with your friend's money, and he gets it and the extra LTI from those dual reward referral you used for your main. Note that the dual item reward are only recent (since last christmas), before only the guy with the referral code (the sponsor) used to get the item when there was a reward. So lets hope it stays like that now You are 100% right. I mentioned that link in the scenario you were creating alt account not buying anything with it but have one 10 years package in buy back (that you gifted to that alt account somehow so your friend could buy it back after). That is irrelevant to your question now, and only related to my confusion So to conclude Yes everything that was included is there when you buy back something.
  17. Sorry for the late reply @tismoj 1- Since you bought the MT as a standalone warbond, and if you melt it, for exemple you gift it from your 3rd account to your main account, then you melt it on your main account, YES it will be the same price when you will buy it back (unless you had a coupon when you bought it in the first place, in that case you will have to buy it back the full price, without the coupon reduction), and YES it will stay LTI. You can buy it back with store credit and a buyback token (you get one every quarter, not stackable), the MT will then be account bound and not giftable. Or you can invest some more $ in the game and buy it back with real $, then the MT will be giftable again, if that matters to you. 2- (edited havent read properply) I am not sure on this one. If you have NEVER bought a package with real money with that alternate account, but got a package bought with store credit, then i guess it is still considered a "fresh new" account for referrals. You need also to make sure when you create those alternate account that you put your referral code from your main, DURING alt account creation. Even if you buy some game package with real money many months/years after, this account would be considered as a new account for RSI (i did that with dormant account that had zero package before and they were counted as referrals when i bought something with them with $ many years after). But that should be tested about having an alt account with some package in buyback bought with store credit, my guess it that it would work also. You need to note that RSI is sometime purging the list of potential referral prospects that have not bought anything yet, check this thread : https://testsquadron.com/threads/cig-may-be-wiping-dormant-prospects-from-referral-program-a-purchase-will-not-count.18651/ BUT From your scenario i understand that this alt account ALREADY is considered as a citizen (an account that bought a game package with real money), and probably even a referral for your main account, because for example with your 3rd account you would have bought your warbond MT with real $, then gifted it to your main account, then used the store credit on that 3rd account to buy a 10 years package and then melt it, hoping to give the account later to a friend, in order for him to buy back the 10 years package with real $. In that case that would not count as a referral. The only way for you to be considered a referral for your friend, is your friend buying a game package with real $ for the FIRST time on this account. Also your referral code will need to be setup on that account during account creation.
  18. Yes this is true. It is still written on their official FAQ about CCU that you need to apply them BEFORE beta launch.
  19. To make it simple: every item which is either a standalone, a pack, a package, an add-on (...) and not an upgrade, will always retain its original price (warbond or store credit) in buyback. An upgrade MAY have its price increased in buyback. But most of the time, upgrades (even, bought with store credit) retain their original price even after the target ship has jumped in price. Note that upgrades MAY also retain their original price, even if a similar newer upgrade might be cheaper. In the case of the Hull-E old CCU for exemple, it was bought once for 150$ to upgrade from a Carrack. The price gap is now 50$ only (even if Hull-E CCU are not in store anymore), but you can not repurchase it for this price, but for original price. CIG Support states that it is not possible to buyback an item at a price lower than original price. Note that if you applied a coupon on an item, you will loose the rebate if you melt an item and will have to buy at original price. Also some package might have their price messed up in the buy back and do not show the promotion they once had (for instance anniversary sale package with price reduction), if that is the case you need to contact support so they fix the price for you to buy back.
  20. Another great sale with @Chimaera, Eclipse and San'Tok'Yai claimed ! Thank you !
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