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  1. I have it because I backed it on Kickstarter... last time I tried playing it was early alpha it was really really buggy. I decided to not touch it til it officially releases... once it does I will be happy to play some coop with you.
  2. because I'm 5 ft from my screen and have a toddler and dogs
  3. I don't notice any latency at all with my mouse and keyboard and most of my gaming is at a semi pro level for my more competitive games. So I figured should be about the same with a good wireless joystick. Also maybe I'm missing something with that saitek product. I mean it looks nice.
  4. ya they are all the same joystick.. same one I can find... seems like a severe lack of choices when it comes to wireless joysticks... we have hardwood through out our house so no go on cables running under carpet or anything. I guess since flight simulators have vanished mostly wireless joysticks never became much of a hardware product. Actually hoping closer to the launch of star citizen we see some more wireless joysticks release. =/
  5. Falcon68


    cool thanks when I receive that email I will check it out.
  6. So here is the story. I currently do all my gaming from my recliner in my living room while playing on a 55'' TV. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard.. yet I can't imagine playing star citizen with a mouse and keyboard. So since I'm several feet from my tv and I don't want cables hanging all over with a toddler and several animals around I figured I would look into a good wireless joystick or HOTAS if they exist. I've found a total of 1 joystick I can confirm as wireless.. does anyone know of any wireless joysticks or has anyone had experience with any? I don't plan on buying one til right before launch though.
  7. Falcon68


    Hmmm temporary signature? Should I just put a star citizen image in my sig? I don't really have anything suitable as a signature even for temporary usage lol. All other steps will be no problem at all though.
  8. Falcon68


    Thank you! Who does all the amazing Forum Signatures. I'd love to get one made with my Super Hornet in it if possible.
  9. Falcon68


    Just wanted to say hi! I just joined Imperium and am looking forward to flying with you guys. I have a super Hornet as my primary ship and a freelancer for cargo hauling etc.
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