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  1. Hello everyone, old time member here. I've been gone for a long time and I'm sure none of you remember or know me. But I decided to drop by and see how everyone was doing. For those who may have wondered what happened to me and why I dropped off, well, it's a long story. But I'll be around for those who want to talk.
  2. How long will you be staying here? One thing I would advise, is to keep your expectations low. Not that Tokyo can't be a great experience, but sometimes people expect too much (anime for example). Not sure I could advise anything but let me know if you have any questions and I can try to answer them the best I can << Currently living in Tokyo. The magazine company I do work for actually published this guy on the front of one of their releases. I still have the magazine haha.
  3. There is a planned singleplayer. We took the communities feedback, and making it happen. We are revamping the KS page soon. So read the details when we release it and please consider the scope that we are trying to achieve. =D - SG
  4. Hey guys. First off, thanks for un-merging. It's very appreciated. I've added some updates, go check them out on the OP!
  5. Are you using regular expressions?
  6. Okay... figured out the issue. Make sure you are not using https://, instead make sure it's http://
  7. This doesn't work for me either. I tried both ways.
  8. Hey guys, Stealthguy here. I know I don't post on the forums much, but anyone who has ever jumped into TS knows me one way or another. I realize there is already a Descent: Underground - kickstarter page. I don't mean to spam, but I'd like to try to keep things updated, and perhaps post some dates and updates. Maybe even a few sneak peaks. Scroll down a little to see updates! Livestreams every Thursday, 10am CDT First, I invite you to see our Kickstarter page ... If that's too much to read through, there here are some quick updates and info. We are bringing Descent back. The first game to make 6DoF gameplay that caught on like wild fire when first released. Unfortunately, time hasn't gone well for the game, so we want to improve it. Not only do we want to upgrade Descent to a AAA title in imagery, we also want to expand upon the gameplay, making it more accessible and fun for everyone. Currently, we are all working on this without pay. So we don't have a lot of Visual to show off. But we assure you we have the talent. With a team of ex-CIG developers (who chose to leave to pursue other projects), how could you expect any less of them? Here are some of the things we've already built and are showing off. Teaser video (Game play is expected to be much faster than this) (Asteroid Map) Check out some of the fans you guys know and love from SC. Featuring Logante Also, check out some of the interviews. (Rob Irving) (Phil Tittle) Just to get something a bit clear, we are NOT trying to compete with SC or E:D. We are making a space based games, yes, but we are creating a fast action, fast paced game that can be played like World of Tanks or War Thunder. We have many plans in making, and I would love for you guys to keep track and ask as many questions as you can. Hopefully I can keep this page updated for you guys to keep track of. I would ask you guys to please share this around and let it be known. In space, there is never NOT enough room for more space games. Please support us on Kickstarter and ALSO steam greenlight... (steam is NOT the sole release platform, we also plan for standalone and GoG). Also, check out our website! (I've spent many hours on this, please enjoy =D) Descendent Studios Thanks guys, until then have fun. - SG Update -- Week 2 Wow, things are starting to kick off guys. We are bit low on the scale, but here are some things I think will change the weights a little. If you missed the AMA, don't fret, you can still read up on it here New Map updates! Also, watch Wingman's Hangout if you missed.
  9. Sorry guys, I put a slightly wrong address... I derped.
  10. That's cool, I would encourage you to check it out later when things become more developed. You never know, you might actually like it once things are getting done =D -SG
  11. Hey guys, Wingman's newest project is starting to kicked off. If you don't know about the game yet, it's essentially a descent-styled, 6DoF spaceship fighting game. Come check it out at http://descendentstudios.com/ Pioneer badges (founders stuff) ends on March 10th. So be sure to sign up on the forums to secure it. Thanks guys. -SG
  12. Hey MrFailaface, Thanks, I'll send you a pm!
  13. Well, if you ever plan to come to Japan, this app will help you (and it'll be free). You could also help make it a better app by testing! =D
  14. Hey guys, Stealthguy here. If anyone of you guys have discussed work with me on teamspeak, you'll know that I've been working on an iOS Travel application. I've now started beta testing! Let me explain the app really quick. So this app is a map based app and is meant for use in Japan, but can be used anywhere. In japan, we have articles for different things, like food, attractions, activities, and a few other things. These articles are displayed on the map, and upon tapping on the pin, you can get some information including the article itself. This map will also include free wifi locations in the near future. The main feature of this app, however, is the ability to save parts of the map for offline use. These 'saves' will also include the articles for the area you selected. Some features are currently not included because either they are not complete, or bugged. However, in the next week or two, these features will come online one by one. So, if you guys have an iOS 8 phone, and wish to help me make a better app (thus more money to spend on SC teehee), then I'll be glad to send an invite. If you are interested, let me know here or pm me. I do have a request though. You can use the map anywhere if you want, but please test in Japan as well. This is because the app is meant for Japan, and all the articles are in Japan and are a key part of the app. Thanks guys, hope to see some feedback! - Stealthguy
  15. Maybe it's too late to add my $0.02. But PC gaming in Japan is a bit of a niche, but it is growing. The amount of gamers I've met in games like battlefield or rust is pretty high with Japanese players, but the vast majority of gamers in Japan are mobile and console players. Most people in Japan don't have time or not willing to spend a lot of money on a pc. Instead, they only have time to play mobile games. the first question that some Japanese people might ask is, "Can I play games while outside?" Because of time constraints, mobile gaming is on a rise, and you'll see tons of people on the train playing games. Console gaming is very focused on, because console gaming came from japan, and it's cheap. Japanese gamers don't really care much for looks and more for gameplay. So SC might not be well received, at least not yet. It is possible to push people here into pc gaming, but a lot of social change needs to happen as well. For this reason, I think going someplace like Korea or China first would be a better decision. However, if I can, I'll make some SC vids in Japanese, or combine Japanese with English. Not sure yet, but I've been thinking about it. Hopefully my input helps, hehe. Best Regards, -Stealthguy
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