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  1. Arg... 2014-2015 is the Golden Age for space simulation games... Man it's a great site to behold!
  2. If combat is anything like warthunder, probably Mouse and Keyboard 70% of the time. Otherwise I have my Saitek X52 for fun and immersion.
  3. I'm not sure... It really depends on what UEE is really worth. Is 10,000 Credits enough to buy decent weapon parts and repairs? Is 100,000? I'd figure standard escort missions wouldn't be to expensive, maybe a percentage of the overall trade income? (I.E. If a trade lane/transport would earn 50,000 UEE Credits dependent on cargo, I would probably do about 5-7% of whatever profit as payment.)
  4. Arizona Green Tea, Stax on Stax of Pringles.
  5. The way I look at it is, having a ship built for specific reasons would be the best way to go. I also approve of the 315P and Hornet since you'll have exploration and combat down. I kind of did the same thing, originally bought the 325A and Avenger (because I love the look and maneuverability of the 325A combined with the bounty hunting aspect of the Avenger). However, I have since scrapped my 325A for the 315P so I can have two completely different ways to enjoy the game. Hope this helps you out!
  6. Ah, I see. Well, I'll have plenty of time to play around in the dogfighting module to see how these ships interact to figure out more of how I would want to play.
  7. Hrm.. Interesting. I may end up melting my 325A for 315 since I already have an avenger for combat... I'll have to see when the cutoff date for melting/increased ship prices are.
  8. I don't know, I was torn between the Avenger and the 325A, so I got them both. Each has their pro's and cons, so I'll play with each to see exactly what best suits me. I think Avenger/325/Hornet would be pretty good first-line defense/dogfighters for patrols.
  9. Thanks Guys! Looking forward to see you all in space.
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. Can't wait to be a part of y'all and do my part for the Imperium!
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