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  1. Too bad the pilotseat is a bit low to my taste.
  2. The first time I used TiR 3 it went all over the place in the hangar. Might have something to do with the profile. I could test the newer TiR version @Nubarus and it was a whole lot more stable and pleasant to use. Now bring on OC VR DK2 support....it's waiting at my desk.
  3. Trying to figure out the XML files for the Cougar

  4. So shield modulation could be an option? Hack and sync with the shield and blow trough..(yes it's from the ST series)
  5. Well the OR is not heavy, but it isn't as light as ski goggles. I visited the 1c boot at the gamescom to have a look at il2 and they showed us il2 with the OR. I would like to test it with SC though
  6. ...where's a Gladiator hiding?

  7. Finding a Bengal..that would be something..
  8. Hmm a Gladiator in F14 Tomcat colors I want one...
  9. Hmmm not fond of the nosejob...it would be great if we could choose the upgrades we like from all of the variants and how to put them on the Freelancer.
  10. My connie..Capricorn II (how original ) and a fighter probably Dusty II, as Dusty is the callsign i use flying Il2 series.
  11. A thank you for all that drop by, a welcome to all that are new and are reading this.
  12. Ahh very nice. Handy to have all versions combined, saves me a lot of books laying around. A good read.
  13. Hello from the Netherlands, Joining with SC as backer since early this year. I've been following it since the announcement it would be kickstarted and i am very impressed with the current and future status. Hoping to pick the zero G up again from where I left it with FS1 and FS2 and continued with xG combat flightsims. The large battles left a huge impression and i'm ready to take the available ships back into action for the fleet. With regards, Martijn
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