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  1. That I think is the reason the constellation is the best.
  2. I would quite like one of these at some point. But more for transporting mined gear and squadrons. I don't intend to get much into trade. It doesn't seem that entertaining to spend almost the entire time travelling. Even if the trade system at each end is great I'd have to spend most of my time moving from point A to B. That being said I'm going to make sure to try all forms of making money early on.
  3. I intend to pilot my Constellation by myself. I'm primarily going to be mining and salvaging. The way I understand it the crew of 4 is 1 for the p52, 2 for the turrets and a main pilot. I assume the pilot can use the class 2 hardpoint weapons and quite likely the missiles on the level 3 hardpoints. Thats plenty for me. If I must get into combat I intend to be artillary support.
  4. Loving the ship. I tinker a bit but that is a work of art.
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