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  1. this is a small piece of advice off of reddit that every Imperium member should know when sending ANYTHING in on an RMA. The Swedish fish theory states that: any package containing candy will be given the highest priority. This will drastically decrease turnaround time on RMAs. Use this well.
  2. I figured I'd just take the tine to post a standing invitation for any Imperium members in the Washington D.C. to grab drinks. Besides, it gives me an excuse to feed my alcoholism.
  3. Grisha


    they just recently brought their service to Japan and India, so they're thinking of doing the same thing they do in America.
  4. This is done by the voice actor of Kaz. So Kojima decided that this would go in the game as a result.
  5. I didn't build it. it's the same program that CIG used at gamescom.
  6. that's why i put it in the RP forum. it's not functional, it just makes cool official looking registration forms for your ships.
  7. Found this generator for creating official ship registration certificates, like the ones they made at gamescom http://www.ueeshipregister.com/ ENJOY!
  8. Grisha


    So I just took it upon myself to watch all of death parade, and it's beyond fantastic.
  9. well it's finally happened. all I have to say is GL HF. http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplaysdark
  10. Grisha


    another catchy one:
  11. so which ending is cannon then?
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