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  1. Welcome DarthVinci! That a nice fleet you have there. You could talk with our diplomats for any future development and create a post in our "Embassy section"
  2. SCB has been updated to a newer version of PHP, this is causing some issues around portal - predominantly visual bugs but also so functional as well Kraan know more about this. @Kraan Rastaban
  3. Welcome Sean I really hope the Endeavor turns out great I have an Hope class Endeavor but I mainly focus on military/support
  4. Arh Yea sorry that was my fault! Glad you found it
  5. Welcome PlanckJ3M4! I've send you a pm and set your account up for recruitment. You should be able to join a unit (club) that fits your playstyle or use our Portal MIssion board when it's released
  6. Hello Lancaster Jones I've send you a PM and accepted you in RSI
  7. Welcome aboard H4MK1NG We do have a good amount of Aussie's here or just players whose sleep/work schedule allows for international play.
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