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  1. Talinko Montaro

    Hello from Belgium!

    Yeah, another Belgian ! Welcome !
  2. Talinko Montaro


    G'day mate, hope you'll like it here !
  3. Talinko Montaro

    Hey folks

    Well he has his legp avatar, so not sure what you're talking about ? Anyway, welcome to the boards Strite!
  4. Talinko Montaro

    What weather is it?

    aaand I hit the 30°C yesterday. End of summer was crappy but the start of autumn is great !
  5. Talinko Montaro

    what books are you reading?

    Not reading a lot currently, though I started Game of Thrones. I mainly read fantasy, though I've been a lot through science fiction with Bernard Werber (french science fiction writer). I'm also a huge fan of Tom Clancy's work (technological thriller/espionnage).
  6. Talinko Montaro

    Calculating Orbits?

    Not that I'm aware of, but you never know with the americans more seriously, that's why I said "depending on when your story takes place" if it's in 500 - 1000 years from now, you might consider it. We already know how to ionize particle and as I stated, plasma is a high energy ionized gas (too tired to explain correctly, so here's wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_weapon ) You may also want to know that the NASA is currently trying to create a warp drive engine, because a recent break through in the theory would make it possible. Just saying Good luck for your brainstorming ! badfully, I can't help you about the writing side, I always sucked at that
  7. Talinko Montaro

    What weather is it?

    Autumn started a week ago, yet it's been raining for 3 weeks. Hopefully, sun's coming back a little bit. only 18°C in the morning thought, still wearing my polar when I start working (farm work yeah!)
  8. Talinko Montaro

    Favorite Beer

    Hey you're not the only in Australia you know ^^ even if I'm a poor foreigner, I'd like to know which ones you like. In Au, the bests I've found were the Asahi (japanese) and the Toohey's. I still have to taste the Matsos beers in Broome. You wouldn't own/work in a cattle farm by any luck ? In Belgium however, it's Jupiler, Carlsberg, and some specials, like the Cuvée des Trolls and my favourite, the Cré Tonnerre, beer with tequila (god 5 months is long to remember all the good beers, I'm missing them ) Otherwise, in alcohol, Absinthe is what I would drink the most if I had enough money (yeah it's legal in Belgium, but I've never found a bottle I could buy and I only know 2 bars where you can drink it) Edit : Omg, I can't believe in beer, I forgot 2 of the best ones, the Red Kasteel and the Pèche Melbush
  9. Talinko Montaro

    Calculating Orbits?

    Your writing will be quite complicated but everything makes sense to me for the moment. Depending on when your story takes place, you might add Ion (charged particles) and Plasma weapons (4th state of matter, extremely high energy) Also, don't forget that the faster an object travels, the heavier it gets, and for the asteroid, if you just give an impulsion at the right time, it will leave its orbit and will accelerate thanks to the gravitationnal pull of the sun
  10. Talinko Montaro

    Capping a Vanduul

    if we can survive the ramming of the Cutlass into the hanger door, I'm in
  11. Talinko Montaro

    AoEII HD : A ray of hope

    Ah the Age of Empires games : I think I started playing them before I could even read ^^ and those cheats (in the first one and expantion) : starship troopers, big bertha, e=mc2, the damn jesus archer would turned into a tree when not moving, the baby, the car.. god it's been age since a played it and I still remember all those thing for everyone loving this game, head to http://www.forgottenempires.net/ it's a fan made expansion pack with new civilizations, new campaigns, improved AI and more (thank you Tseuro, you made me remember this expansion !)
  12. Talinko Montaro

    All the peoples in the house say YEAH!

    You're sure you only got one double ? but anyway welcome mate, hope you'll enjoy yourself here
  13. Talinko Montaro


    Welcome on SCB ! hope you'll enjoy yourself here and I hope we'll soon be able to count you and your mates in the Imperium numbers
  14. Talinko Montaro

    Hidy ho!

    Welome in the fleet ! hope you'll enjoy yourself here
  15. Talinko Montaro

    Heya all

    Welcome on the forums and I hope we'll say soon "welcome in Imperium"