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  1. any of you know if the current textures for glass throughout hangar and ships just a placeholder for more realistic ones? I say this because the distorsions of light of the current ones reminds me more of venetian handblown window glass more than atomically perfect strengthened glass for vacuum applications. I know that Chris is trying to go for realism, so i thought i'd say something about it. You can always make the argument "it in not glass but a new material", but in quality of physicist and nanotechnologist, i can firmly say that no matter what material, that kind of light distorsion is due to big defects/imperfection in the material, which would ultimately make the surface weaker, which is something you wouldn't want to use in vacuum, since it exterts a good deal of force on it, if the interior is pressurised. The only thing that would maybe work is if you put a high viscosity liquid between 2 glass/material layers, and since it is viscous it allows locally different light distorsion due to locally different refractive indices. But still i dont know why you would do that, and its not practical if you are a pilot and looking out at distorted images. anybody else is bothered by this, or is it just me? ps im not a complainer, I just want good and safe glass in my ship ^^
  2. I just made a bet about SC with a friend. He wins if SC fails as a project or is sold to a dev company by dec 2015. 300$ dinner to the winner. im already picking the dishes ^.^ any of you have done something similar with non-citizens?
  3. Although I personally really appreciate the idea of making somenthing role-playing about the SC universe, it sounds like the site will be a good place for organizing a good portion of illegal in-game activities, and since we are a 100% law-abiding organisation and we exclude anyone performing such activities, I'm not sure this is the right place for this. But i still wish you all the best in making your project become a reality!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I did notice a few squadrons recruiting in various timezones, but I decided I am going to wait for the primary squadrons to be created(as discussed in the latest TS meeting), since at the moment we only have auxiliary ones.
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  6. Welcome to Imperium Chocolatewarrior!
  7. Thanks, I had a look around. I am looking for a squadron that operates in the oceania timezone, and focuses mainly on military operations, and occasional escort duties.
  8. As in the title, i joined the roster for combat ops, but how do I get about joining a specific squadron or team? Have i missed a post about it, or we are not simply at that detailed stage yet? Thanks
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  10. Ongoing Discussion

    GeForce 780 Ti here. might SLI if needed. for a kidney.
  11. Cool! I'm still in my master by research, but definitely considering doing PhD, since research seems to be my thing. I've been doing it and enjoying it since first year. Any type of imaging that can detect photoluminescence would work (eg confocal, Raman, SEM with PL or CL detector would work). Rreason is the N2 vacancy in nanodiamonds acts as a photonic emitter, ~ to quantum dots but more luminescent and non-cytotoxic. looking forward to flying (and having a chat) with you! Cicuta P.D. love miyazaki too ^^
  12. Cool stuff^^ im into nanotech atm, using conjugated nanodiamonds for bioimaging. are you pursuing a research career? going for PhD later?
  13. welcome! its nice to have another physicist on board^^ any particular field of interest?
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