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  1. Not a bad ship. Can't wait for electronic warfare and data running.
  2. It probably is Photoshop but who cares its a nice picture.
  3. Good point. Lets hope we can go so fast and use so many counter measures it wont be an issue.
  4. Flying this will be my main job in SC.. If the game mechanics are good.
  5. Coming in 2.6
  6. I agree, The front looks a little to narrow but as I will be inside looking out I'm not that bothered. The thing I'm looking forward to the most is the game mechanics for this ship.
  7. Hehe no. I just think its a fine looking ship and will be spending many hours in it
  8. Looks sexy to me
  9. Looking sexy.. Hope we at least get a hangar ready version soon.
  10. Nice... The original does look better though.. Hope it will be as fun in game as I hope it will be.
  11. Yeah it's looking good. About time they put some serious time into it.
  12. I'm not liking this part
  13. Nice.. This could be flight ready soon
  14. I want it now.