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  1. Holy $#!T, i was just looking up what joysticks there are because i plan to get one soon(ish) never thought i would see something like this, hope it works good this may make the Khartu-al and other ships like it preform better with such a joystick, as well as spaceships in general
  2. why we do this!!!??? being (deep voice) Lewd never harmed anyone,,,, physically,,,, maybe
  3. rickon running away in fear? ok, not zig-zaging because of fear? ok, but why didn't he head for the burning crosses to at least get some cover? at least he might have survived then if bolton didn't order his archers to shoot him, though even then there would still be a chance to survive
  4. i would say when they can make this work it will be a step towards having catgirls, wolfgirls, laima and other such creations, and even if here on north america it doesn't happen, you know japan will do it when it's possible
  5. PixelChaos

    Ongoing Discussion StarVR - an alternative money sink

    still, VR headsets are just comming out for consumers (and kinda expensive) VR rooms and other VR tech are pretty much still in various stages of develoment, which isn't even taking into account the programing foundation for said VR tech to be used without too much issues like for the peripherals we are using now (though i could be just talking BS for the programing)
  6. PixelChaos

    Ongoing Discussion StarVR - an alternative money sink

    i might get VR when they can have a ghost img of your keyboard+mouse with gloves (the mouse might become redundant with proper gloves for most games) because (imo) this first gen tech of VR is like what monitors used to be like, you know those big heavy box monitors we used to use in the 90's, so i'll be waiting for it to mature for a few years before i get one i do wonder when a VR room will be viable with an omi-directional tredmill and chair, among other peripherals
  7. for some reason i watched this breakdown of ep 3 and since it did not talk about it, it made me think about jon snow's orgins, could he have the bloodline of Daenerys? since in season 1 or 2 it was said that papa stark did just bring him back one day and that his sister died from the Daenerys rulers, and that there was some kind of proficy of fire and ice, and we all know how fire affects the Daenerys still, just a theroy
  8. i like this one that base is exactly what i want, though imo it could have a couple of buttons that the thumb can reach with the 2 hat's, or maybe a modular thumb pad that you can switch out for one with just buttons/hat+buttons/hat, since it kinda looks like you can do that just by takeing out a screw or two
  9. what i want to find out is: will the stark in boltons care be left unharmed? cause he's the only one who has had no injuries (yet)
  10. yeah he was over and done with a while ago, no need to bring him up anymore as he just brings everyone mood down getting back on topic somewhat, how fun would a space survivle game be? imo i think a fantasy survivle game would be better
  11. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that these are comming out now, as i remember that a few years after WOW came out there were a bunch of games very similar but worse in some way, so i dont expect this to be the last
  12. yeah i dont mind killing off dumb char's, now if i was in his place i still would have stabed jon snow because i would be really worried that if i didn't i would be killed, and after that i would be looking for a way out of that place
  13. i never expected to find this at the end of the ep i honestly tried to find this scene but was unable to, still it's just one of those scenes you got to share
  14. imo this 3rd ep is pretty forgetable, nothing really stands out to remember
  15. wow, mirrors edge does look gfx heavy ... unless that was the intro?
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