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About Me


Member of the Tech Division, working with Delota and Isnoth on building the new Imperium Portal - stay tuned for more details soontm.


Hi everyone!


Suppose I'd best say some stuff about myself so here goes:


I'm a 26 year old gay guy who lives out in the middle of nowhere in central England. Currently closeted to my family so not really in the best situation but hey could be worse.


I spend most of my free time either playing PC games or reading, though I also do some writing (specifically for an adult text game so probably best not to go into any real detail there, heh).


Usually play RPG or Strategy (real-time or 4x) games though I'm partial to a decent FPS as well (though not very good in multilayer), Racing and Sport games? yeah...not really.


I'm usually floating around on Imperium TS and Steam so if you want to chat/play a game then come say hi, I wont bite...unless you want me too ;)


See you in the 'verse




MP/Co-op games I play

Supreme Commander (via FAF lobby)

Diablo 3

Sins Of A Solar Empire

Dead Space 3

Civilization V / Beyond Earth

Homeworld 2

Anno 2070

Planetary Annihilation

Company of Heroes 2

Planetside 2

And probably others I've forgotten...

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