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  1. But what are then "Fleet Guard" Missions? For me this is protection the IMP Territory / Sectors / Planets / Stations and not a Fleet on a Mission in open Space. A Fleet has no Fleet Guard, they have there own Protection.
  2. Yes we can not "Police" Ships from Outside, but we intercept and check them. And every Command / HR Staff needs a (Police)Force because of Manpower like. I'm ready for this and Mandala Military Assistance Network to.
  3. Yea, but if you are an a mission type - Fleet Guard - it will be the mission for your to acct like a police flight?! Stop Ships, scan them for Illegal Cargo or invalid Ship ID ... right?
  4. Correct me if i am wrong, but a Fleet Guard is a sort of Police! And we will have one.
  5. Why not simply copy the ARMA engine?! Best FPS(imulator) in the gaming world! To bad that they have the Cry-Engine! :-)
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    Welcome to the Imperium! :-)
  7. Welcome Brother! :-)
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