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  1. Beautiful model, loving the design!
  2. woo this is awesome! just sent the application!
  3. Pretty cool man! Like you two discussed, I think it would look great with a more metallic material. I haven't used 3D Max, so unfortunately I can't be of much help there, but with Maya you can change the materials in the rendering section, there are several presets, but you can even make your own materials if you want. I'm just guessing that the materials section would be found in a similar place in 3D Max.
  4. Alright, cheers man!
  5. Yeah, well sort of at least, it's called Medialogy, it includes programming, 3D art and animation, 2D art and animation and various other things that don't really interest me haha. It sort of gears you towards becoming a jack of all trades in the bachelor and then you get to specify your branch when you get to the masters. Cheers for the link, gonna try it out when my exams are over. Are Maya files transferable to 3Ds Max?
  6. I haven't tried 3Ds Max yet, but yeah I've heard a lot of people say the same thing as you. Unfortunately my teachers insist on using Maya for some reason lol, I personally find it very clunky to say the least. Is there a student version of 3Ds Max available?
  7. I was originally thinking of making a heightened bridge at the back end of the ship, sort of similar to ships of our current era, but I'll definitely try out your suggestion and see how it looks
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of the Dreadnought class battleships from WWI, but I'll definitely keep your idea in mind, I just don't know how many guns I can add before this thing becomes too overpowered haha
  9. Aye, looking forward to it :Ð
  10. That's a great idea, I was thinking of putting two forward facing cannons (railguns perhaps) into the "plow" in the front and have five turrets, two large caliber turrets along centerline of the ship, one turret in the rear, and two on each side of the bridge. I'll definitely use your idea with putting wings on the ship and move the two bridge turrets out there, thanks for the feedback
  11. Cool, well I am always up for a challenge
  12. I'm using Maya Autodesk, it's just a student version so unfortunately I'm not able to use it for any contests or anything :<
  13. Hey guys, looking through this modding section inspired me to try a project of my own, It will probably take a while before I'm finished as I'm currently undergoing exams at my university, but I will try to update as often as I can. This is a really early version, I'm currently just eye-balling it as I didn't make any concept art first. The current plan is making this a five engined battleship, I haven't really thought the specs of the ship through yet, I guess I'll just see where this project takes me and take it as it comes Edit: Added engine mounts / intakes Any ideas and suggestions would be great!
  14. Yegvan

    Corvette / Frigate

    Dude, this is awesome!
  15. Thank you everyone! Lol yeah that South Park episode is hilarious!
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