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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yeah, being one of the people on the ship that was Blue Horizon, i can tell you it was not pretty seeing her sink.... But as Stoff has noted, EVE feels more based off of what you can do with the options presented to you. How does X impact Y, and how does this impact change if Z or W enter the equation. While this is no way means that Star Citizen wont, its different in the sense that, as Stoff has stated, we are throwing the control of the ships directly to the players which adds a whole new element. So yeah, will having people who have played EVE help in strategic organization of ships as well as Organization solidification and communications with other groups? Heck yeah. But give them a ship and it all boils down to skill and planning. Some EVE players might do well and some might not, only time will tell.
  3. I've got two 770's for my desktop and an 870m for my laptop
  4. Brighter? I cant see jack squat in that xD
  5. That grenade launcher is going to make boarding really messy xD
  6. Bad news for all us Cat owners, it seems we probably wont get to she her till Q2 of next year X_X
  7. It was a limited time sale. But like most limited time sales, it will probably be available at a later date
  8. I wont have a laptop/desktop capable of playing games for another month anyways, so I'll just grab the 125$ one. Thanks!
  9. Im deciding whether to purchase the 150$ package or the 75$. I have the money but just barely, so I was wondering if anyone could help point out the subtle pros and cons for each one?
  10. I want them all, but being broke has made me realize i also want to earn them in the PU. So, yay?
  11. Just thought about it on the fly! I still cant believe how well it worked out sometimes
  12. Togerah


    I liked it as much and maybe more. It actually adhered more to the idea that they were in a game. I'd explain more about that but it is shown off really well in the show, so if you watch it you'll know what i mean. IE watch the show xD
  13. Togerah

    Ship Roles

    Exactly. I had kind of imagined them as something that would not only be affordable for people in the lower secs, but still a option for the people in higher secs if they wanted something that would be rugged and usable. I know its terrible to say, but not many rich people would buy a honda, but a fair amount do buy Jeeps simply because of their sheer power and ruggedness that gets the job done. With Drake, I expected a ship company that traded the flair of Origin for something that could actually do stuff well at a bargain price. I feel like they're now turning Drake from a great company making good affordable ships into a ok company making cheap and easy to come by ships.
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