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  1. surfboardriding


    This is the primary reason I'm glad to be in Imperium and signed up for Trade & Industry, the ability to travel in safe space is something I'm excited about. Frequently I'll be a solo player so if possible to have a large cargo ship without needing to have other players to safeguard me it'll be a great experience.
  2. surfboardriding

    Constellation a destroyer class ship??

    The difficulty coming with classifying the Constellation is we do not fully know what it can do yet, sure it's got the 'jack of all trades' look about it for stats but until variants are released it's all on the table.
  3. surfboardriding

    Reaching High Admiral

    Find myself frequently considering to melt something, buy something, or stick to what I have and wait for more and reevaluate then.... Come one rerelease of the Merchantman!
  4. surfboardriding

    325A v. Freelancer

    Just picked up the 325a yesterday, decided it could be a nice change of pace ship when I need a break from hauling. But at the same time I'm not much for starting a dog fight but am pretty confident the 325a can hold its own if need be (and look damn nice doing it!).
  5. surfboardriding

    the P52

    If at all possible I would prefer to trade in the P52 for additional storage, not that I don't think it's capable but my play schedule comes and goes making it difficult to guarantee I can have 3 other players assist me in transport; and since an NPC cannot pilot the P52 or 'Stella on their own it would be of little use when things take a dive.
  6. surfboardriding


    Hoping the Merchantman gets an update and a rerelease for purchase, just need to wait and see. I too am really excited about hauling and transport, hoping it will be a big time money maker since the dog fighting aspect for me isn't my primary interest. Currently have the Constellation since it's the highest load hauler that can currently be purchased but who knows what's on the horizon!
  7. surfboardriding

    Keep or exchange Constellation?

    Sitting on mine for the time being but still not sure if I'll stick with it if the Banu Merchantman gets released again, it's a tough call. Constellation is amazing to look at but my plan for this game is trade, with a name like Merchantman I somehow think it would be more specialized for my overall goal, 20 upgrade slots or not. What to do what to do...
  8. surfboardriding

    Banu Merchantman

    Sincerely hoping this comes out again for more sales, definitely considering spending some money on it. Question is should I melt the Connie for it or stick with what I have.... Thoughts?