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  1. I say hey, what's going on

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!
  2. I say hey, what's going on

    Hello everyone! I'm Skitaraoh, a 20 year old college sophomore from the east coast. I got into the star citizen community about half a year ago, when The Mighty Jingles (any fans out there?) showcased this neat hangar with quite a few gorgeously modeled ships in it. He told his audience about this game, about Chris Roberts and the dream to make the best damn space sim. That night I looked up every video I could find on the game, and fell deeply in love. I talked to a few of my friends about it and convinced one of them to pledge into the game with me. I got myself an avenger (such a great ship!) and he one upped me with a connie and a hornet. He was the one who introduced me to Imperium and convinced me to join (anyone familiar with Prospero?). After much delay I finally joined up, and just recently I've been put back into the pilot's seat, as excited as I was when I first discovered this game. Currently I own just the same avenger that I originally pledged with, but I want to melt it and get my hands on a Gladius and a Retaliator. In game, I hope to take part in deep space explorations, and I hope to be able to fly escort and protect others from whatever lurks beyond the fringes of civilized space. My computer is a 2013 Razer Blade laptop with a cooling pad underneath, and I fly using a logitech 3Dpro joystick. I run the game on low graphics to get the best frame rate possible, and it still looks staggeringly good. Anyway, just wanted to pop my head in and say hi. I can't wait to see you all in the 'verse!
  3. Gladius

    I hope the put the Gladius back on sale in the future - I was away when the sale went on and when I came back, boom, a cool ship had come and gone. Would have been a perfect fit, I'm looking for a dedicated fighter and this ship is a beauty!
  4. what hanger will you be choosing?

    Asteroid for sure! You gotta love that rebel vibe. Plus... Batcave!
  5. Acceptance incoming! (Hopefully)