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  1. ForceOfWill

    Complete Anybody want a Scythe badly?

    This is done, please move to completed
  2. Trade agreed upon, this is no longer available If anybody want it badly I'll trade it for a Vanguard, Orion and a Reclaimer.
  3. ForceOfWill

    Will you buy the Vanguard

    I just have a Scythe laying around, and think the Vanguard makes more sense. I think I'll just melt it and get the Vanguard.
  4. Contemplating melting my Scythe to buy the vanguard
  5. ForceOfWill

    Hangar Module - Deluxe Fog Removal

    I really dont know why they added that fog...so I say fog be gone
  6. ForceOfWill

    HD Remakes of Homeworld & Homeworld 2

    I'm not the biggest GearBox fan...so I hope they don't F it up
  7. ForceOfWill

    Reclaiming Pledge Ships for Credits

    Oh, my poor wallet. Talked myself into a 325a, then I was lured by subtle psychological feature creep and got the 350 instead. I shudder to think what will happen when they do the same for the connie....Oh the clever marketing shenanigans
  8. ForceOfWill

    Vanduul Scythe Fighter: Worth It?

    As we are far into the future I would believe that the IFF technology is so good that both the Vanduul and UEE know how you are even if you are flying a Vanduul fighter.
  9. ForceOfWill

    The "Origin 300i" thread

    Seriously I have a swivel chair
  10. ForceOfWill

    Persistant Ship Design?

    Or just pop over for a cup of coco
  11. ForceOfWill

    The "Origin 300i" thread

    Think I would fin head tracking turrets more helpful than missiles. Hopefully the cockpit will be shaped in a way so a 360 field of view is possible. Then one would be able to shoot at ship coming up your six by just "turning" your head. Think this would be great using the Occulus
  12. ForceOfWill

    Single player question!

    If any of you have played dark souls you might know what CR is thinking. He said that Dark Souls inspired him in a way of how the solved the MP there. When you actually play, the game seems like a single-player...but suddenly under certain conditions the game becomes kind of a MP game. For me that was a ingenious way to solve MP, and still keeping SP model intact. Feels more like a form of Co-Op than SP, though with the choice of being helpful or not
  13. ForceOfWill

    RSI Constellation: Is the P52 the ONLY ship it can carry?

    Also as long as both ships have a docking collar you can dock them together...that counts right?
  14. ForceOfWill

    The "Origin 300i" thread

    Remember from the demo where the Hornet has a turret and it tracks where the pilot is looking...so that seems also a option for the turret and not needing another crew to man it.
  15. ForceOfWill

    How Much Did You Spend?

    Started with Come fly with me, added the 300i and in the last moments bought a Vanduul fighter. Also the electro skin on kickstarter. So around 600 total i belive