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  1. The Idris-class frigates are supposed to be named after star systems, e.g. the UEES Stanton from SQ42. I do wonder how many frigates they have of this class as they'd run out of systems eventually!
  2. Glorious!
  3. New UI looks good for mobi. Hope they change the scanning design though - that golf swing stuff is horrible.
  4. Looks good! Loving all the sci-fi films we are getting nowadays!
  5. Apparently they are testing how combat feels when they halve the SCM speeds of all ships.
  6. Interesting looking game! Looks heavily inspired by Portal.
  7. Nice! Can't wait for capital ship gameplay!
  8. Tallhart

    N7 Day

    The Hype.
  9. 900 years ago Europeans were battling Muslims in the First Crusade. 900 years from now I'm sure things will have deviated as well.
  10. You can have it in any colour you want as long as it's black.
  11. If you like that you'd probably enjoy two series by Elizabeth Moon. One is called the Serrano Legacy and the other Vatta's War. Strong female protagonists with an emphasis on a military career of sorts in space. Great stuff.
  12. The mouse is the Cyborg Rat 7. It's been around some time now. I had one a couple years ago. Wasn't anything too special, swapping the parts around was pretty cool but mine stopped working after a while. Not sure whether I had a faulty mouse, something broke inside or if the parts just weren't that high quality. I'm much happier with my Razer mouse.
  13. Nice. I don't like the Vanduul ships but congrats to all those who got a Glaive! It certainly looks badass!
  14. There's a manned turret in the middle of this image. Look how small it looks compared to the Idris it's bolted to. Idris looks pretty damn big to me.
  15. Same. Bring on the gay love. No homo.
  16. I think it's good. Allows modularity and even more importantly it gives you redundancy by having multiples of the same component.
  17. Smart said of his online persona: "Sometimes when I get online, and it's quiet, and I see something that attracts my attention, I'll post just to piss these guys off. That's why I do it. Because I'm in a good mood that day, I go in there and I start trouble."
  18. You can't. We're just super eager fans willing to sit in an organisation that won't have a purpose for about 2 years.
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