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  1. I went with scientific.. hoping to have some type of benefit if we can control one of those in a system.. maybe like a +manufacturing time or something.
  2. just my video is really outdated i guess.. Works great in Battlefield 4 etc.. but yea its my next item to get forsure. I should have done more research before dropping money on the ship package lol...
  3. gpu.. graphics card/video card.. yea I'm looking at xfx 7870 ($234), EVGA 760($250) ,EVGA 770 ($369)
  4. cool lol... Now to buy a new video card.. since mine apparently isn't dx11 compatible.. (older 9800 GTX+ card) *and yea I tried the dx10 shader fix wouldn't work =/)
  5. I bought the avenger package =) it didn't give me the 2k credits tho =/... I got 5k for downloading the hanger mod....
  6. Hello from South Bend!
  7. Burne

    ESO Beta key trade.

    looks like a great game, hopefully they send out more invites
  8. I think it would be neat to have real people crewing your ships.. Now spies.. can be in the ship... helping the enemy take it over.. by Not firing from a turrent.. or something.. Scenarios: A. "Yea attack from the topside, I'm in that turret I wont fire" B. "Hey I'll open the docking hanger for your team to land in" C. "npc turret gunners disabled(dead), attack quick." lol... I occasionally play eve online so the 'awox' or intentional team killing to setup for enemy kills is sometimes an annoyance.
  9. Hello, I haven't pledged yet, but I've been following the game for a bit. I will be pledging soon, not sure what level yet. I'm an addict of space game since.. Wing commander, Privateer. Was a huge fan of Earth and beyond when it came out sadly that didn't last, still have my picture of my char =(. Enjoyed Allegiance for a bit, til Mic**soft tanked it. Right now I barely play eve online looking for my next space game to be addicted to. In most my games I strive to be universal, usually a hauler type and a fighter type when I'm bored hauling. Basically I'm a team player and can fill any role the company needs, from hauling much needed supplies, to being on a carrier as a fighter pilot to jump in a fighter as needed and pop some enemies. Very Excited over this game. - Burne
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