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  1. Berserker

    The Walking Dead (TellTale Games) - A House Divided

    Huge fan of the comics, the TV series and this game. The only thing I would say is waiting a few months for each game episode is torture!
  2. Berserker

    EVE online

    A few folks from Imperium have contacted me about EVE... and although we are not recruiting on the Imperium forums one of our member organizations or "wings" have taken in a few pilots so they can play as part of a larger team. Eve recruitment post for more info: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=307821 I am not a recruiter, nor am I actively playing EVE myself... but we have a pretty good sized organization of about 400 toons in Disavowed and another hundred or so elsewhere in training orgs. I also had approached Imperium about working together in EVE if Imperium had it's own corp, but unfortunately we've all been so busy it has fell through the cracks. Cheers
  3. We are hoping to get large scale fleet combat in Star Citizen. Below is a fraps/recording of an EVE Online battle where our opponents (audio and video from their perspective, not ours, apologies for the language they use in some spots) are trying to hold a star system in the face of our combined assault. A little slow without a soundtrack, but you can see how the interaction works in that game... hoping Star Citizen improves upon that..
  4. Thanks Naros. I hope we get the opportunity to fly together!
  5. Disavowed Organization Link Disavowed, an already established PvP-focused mercenary alliance in EVE Online, is now recruiting in both EU and US time zones in Star Citizen. Founded in the late 90s and through several rebrands, Disavowed member corporations have existed as distinct entities and also as part of larger organizations in EVE Online and other games like SWG, E&B, and the Mechwarrior franchise. (we start SC recruitment with the above, a slightly updated 2003 EVE recruitment poster) In EVE, we are also the former executor/founder of the wormhole alliance "Narwhals Ate My Duck", and have participated in various nullsec block invasions on the strategic and tactical level. Currently supporting around five hundred characters amongst our ranks in wormhole space, we look forward to participating in the Star Citzen Alpha program, with plans to make Star Citizen a core gaming focus moving towards official launch. A great number of our membership have served their nation's military in a variety of roles, although our recruitment is not limited to those with a service history. What does it mean to be a Mercenary? At Disavowed we sometimes take part in armed conflict that is not motivated by king and country. We are encouraged to take part in the hostilities by the desire for organizational and financial gain. We do not concern ourselves with the politics or the reasons why our employers wish to hire us, all we focus on is getting the job done. Common contract types: • Interdiction and disruption • Support for large operations • System defense • System attack • General guns for hire The Environment: Disavowed gives you the ability to experience most types of combat on demand. We have regularly scheduled operations of various types in EVE that will directly translate to Star Citzen with Arena Commander. We also have a series of persistent applications and features, tried and tested to reduce member legwork and focus on the fun (shooting something) with a well organized team. We also occasionally coordinate with other entities of similar footing for combined operations and will have similar arrangements in Star Citizen. Fleet Doctrines: Our fleets are generally high-performance combined arms setups with a variety of support roles. We fit our ships to the highest standard, something which we expect of all members. As there is a ship replacement plan available in EVE, as there will also be a similar plan in Star Citizen. (as insurance measures are settled in SC) Money-making Opportunities: Our resources are virtually unlimited in our current game, and thus will be our target for SC. If you have the motivation to accumulate wealth while focusing on PvP, you will be able to achieve those goals.