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  1. I just broke down and started buying upgrade components for a cutlass black after spending 500K I realized that there is no insurance and if I install them and get my butt blown up I lose it all. If I do not install them and die they should still be in my inventory? I guess I can't afford to install them at this time without a significant loss. Is that how you understand it?
  2. What were the ships used in the award winning Imperium Video? Do they fly half as sexy as they look?
  3. Never had any control issues with the mouse. Of course the other thingsbyou mentioned do happen. Remember it is alpha.
  4. Are any of the ships guiftable? If so sell them individually. If not you might melt them and sell the credits at whatever the going rate is. Usuallly 60% or so. You might find someone that would be interested in the account but that is really not safe for the buyer. Too many go back to RSI claiming theft or hacked and have the account and ships returned to them. What 600i do you have I might be interested in it.
  5. Well built a massive machine, got a great seat and bought Foxx mounts. I have got it all togeather but really have no clue where and how to start setting it all up. Can someone point me to a step by step guide to getting it running properly.
  6. Have faith. They have rushed this last update to get Invictus out and it is not very stable. That and the servers are being overwhelmed with free flight right now. I haven't been able to log in at all. I have been in this sence the begining and what they are doing is remarkable.
  7. I am building my SC beast. I am using a Lian Le dynamic XL case. The case itself has several USB3.2 recepticles which breales down into two leads and I only have 1 3.2 header on my MB What do I need to get to hook all of the leads up? See the pictures
  8. When the game goes live there are supposed to be patrolled sections where you will be able to operate safer but griefers will grief. Buy insurance on your ship and any upgrades you make to it and your cargo. Not all of that is available yet. Keyboard an mouse are fine but you can use a game pad or joystick. The game is supposed to be free after you buy the game package. Tutorials are coming but go to youtube. There are a ton there. Griefers will grief better to get into combat and leads how to protect yourself.
  9. Let me know when and where and I will try to be there
  10. Title says it all. Be happy to buy any extra modules if you have any
  11. Happy Birthday!

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      TY  so kind

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