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  1. Mjölnir

    100 systems no longer planned on release

    Did you really think there will be 2 million people in one place?! It would be unplayable in all kinds of ways. Imagine Dalaran in WoW (for example) having 7 million people in one place. SC will probably have lots of different servers and instances, because otherwise it will be impossible to render all ships and players.
  2. Mjölnir

    100 systems no longer planned on release

    A lot of people have been crying about it in the past week, but most of those guys look only at the numbers and start panicking. I prefer 10 full systems that can be explored on 100%, rather than 100-200 landing zones. It's been discussed a lot lately.
  3. Mjölnir

    Complete Aurora LN package /w Alpha

    I hope i can afford a better monitor in that many years
  4. Hey, I am looking to sell my Aurora LN pack, cause i might not be able to play the game in the near future and i really wouldn't mind the cash. The price of 45$ seems fine to me since if someone wants alpha with that package he has to pay 50$ now. If i am wrong we can negotiate, but it's still better than just keeping it in my hangar for another year or so... Peace!
  5. Mjölnir

    10 For the Chairman Questions

    I'm pretty sure the answer to the first question is "Yes".
  6. Been watching the tales since december, really helpful show.
  7. Mjölnir

    controller prefference

    You should wait a month or two and ask the same question again. I am sure you will get far more accurate answers.
  8. Mjölnir

    Microsoft Store Sale on PC Games

    Piratebay has some pretty nice deals aswell
  9. Mjölnir

    The bots are coming

    I see 14 bots in that picture
  10. Mjölnir

    ESO - Pre Order

    Once you play the game a bit you won't be so eager to buy it... They have turned Skyrim into some generic mmo. Once it goes f2p in a couple of months after release it will be worth it though.
  11. Mjölnir

    Will joysticks give an advantage in SC?

    Yes, and i think many people will try the dual stick config. Getting 2xThrustmaster T.16000M can be a really cool thing.
  12. Well i ate around 50 million bananas yesterday and i'm feeling fine, so i don't know where are you going with this.
  13. Sure it helps, not that much anyway... you can try to play with your GPU aswell, might give you better yield.
  14. Also at the moment in the hangar module, the settings are pretty messed up, since even at Low you have Vsync, motion blur and ssao enabled. You can use the console to disable them and get some nice fps boost(in the hangar atleast..). Got from 15 to 22-3 fps on my GT 520MX, i3 laptop. I guess they might implement more options in the menu until they release the dogs.
  15. Mjölnir

    Cheers from Bulgaria

    Мараба, ако се съберем още хора, може да си направим един отряд за бързо реагиране.