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    RSI - Andromeda (Constellation)

    Even though I'm not an "owner" of the Connie, imho, it is the most versatile ship series in the line-up. Andromeda first, followed by the Taurus. Next up are the Cutlasses (Black) and Freelancers (base model then the MAX). Why? Cargo capacities and potential combat effectiveness.
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    ships How many ships are in the UEE fleet

    Consider that there are likely variants of the Idris based on function. This increases their number. You'd have to have more than one Bengal, Javelin, or Idris and enough combat so adrons and support wessels in a system with which to counter a significant incursion.
  3. 2 day sale at newegg. some GPUs and SSDs good prices expires tomorrow night, 20 Jan these deals expire on 24 January there's SSDs, GPUs, CPUs, and several M.2 for good prices.
  4. I get these notifications in the email - lots of great deals to be found for RAM, SSDs, etc Newegg and Microcenter, sometimes PNY, mostly Newegg, though, really! get moar stuff, NO REALLY!! buy buy buy!! good deals on SSDs, DDR4 RAM, next gen Intel CPUs And if you want help kitting out a computer, use pcpartpicker If you want help building a computer, there are loads of videos on newegg and youtube (for instance just go to Youtube and search for "build a gaming computer" and you'll get lots of options to view.)
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    Ongoing Discussion Arctic Cooling sells headphones?

    I used headsets like those in the military for, umm, special purposes. They were comfortable and durable. This is a novelty for them, to be sure.
  8. I was looking at cooling solutions and Arctic Cooling is selling these for $50
  9. and some highlights: Refutation of CryTek's Claims Claim: CIG was only given permission to make "the game" with CryEngine, selling SQ42 standalone is in violation of this. Defense: The GLA defines "the game" as both "'Space Citizen' and its related space fighter game 'Squadron 42'", with a passage allowing for name changes (Space Citizen > Star Citizen). Additionally, this term does not apply to any games made without CryEngine, and CryEngine is no longer used. Claim: CIG violated the GLA by switching from CryEngine to Lumberyard, they are only allowed to "exclusively" use CryEngine. Defense: The GLA says they are given "exclusive rights to use CryEngine" and the right "to exclusively embed CryEngine in the game". The well-established meaning of this wording is that the right is given only to them (and those subcontracted within the terms), not that they are only allowed to use CryEngine. Claim: CIG is no longer displaying CryTek copyright notices in game, in violation of the GLA. Defense: This obligation only applies if CIG is using CryEngine, which they are not. Claim: Ortwin was employed by CryTek prior to becoming CIG's attorney and co-founder so he had a conflict of interest when negotiating the contract. Defense: Ortwin received a signed waiver from CryTek dismissing any conflict of interest. Claim: Confidential source code was shown on Bugsmashers and disclosed to FaceWare in violation of the GLA. Defense: No defense provided, though FaceWare was after the switch to Lumberyard. Claim: CIG was required to provide any bugfixes they developed for CryEngine up until launch. Defense: No defense provided. Additional Statements The GLA prohibits either party from seeking any damages from one another "except for intentional acts or omissions or gross negligent acts". CIG, not RSI, is the signatory of the GLA, so CryTek committed a legal blunder by pursuing RSI rather than CIG in a number of claims. CIG seeks to have the entire complaint dismissed with prejudice (barring any further related action) on the grounds that none of the complaints are sufficient.
  10. I checked just to see how the 2700X fared against the i9-9900K This will not dissuade Intel fans. The i9-9900K is faster, by an overall 16%. Of course Intel does single-core better. Cost for the 2700X - $280 Cost for the i9-9900K - $500 Whilst the 6 core, 12 thread 8700K beats the 2700X in single and quad core performance by about 10%, the 2700X wins on multi-core workloads. PC gaming and desktop performance is generally governed by four or less cores but the 2700X offers unbeatable value for money for workstation users. Although the 9900K has around a 16% effective speed advantage over the 2700X, the Ryzen 2700X offers better value for money for most users.
  11. I upgraded from 2xGTX970 SSC to a single EVGA GTX1070ti Gaming for $400. I go with EVGA because of their cooling tech. When I had the GTX560 and GTX760, I used Arctic Cooling replacement cooler tech. The 60-series GTX cards are ok consumer GPUs, but they were lacking so I started using the 70-series. The 80-series were too costly for me and the 1080's are currently commanding prices a bit too much (imho) for what performance they give you relative to the RTX cards. But, gotta upgrade when you need to or if you can. Not an easy decision. 3 Reasons Why AMD's Radeon 7 Is Such A Big Deal
  12. Gremlich

    ships How many ships are in the UEE fleet

    At this juncture, I don't think even CIG knows.
  13. What is ray tracing, and how does Nvidia's GeForce RTX handle the technology? How Nvidia’s RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing Works
  14. Gremlich

    Ongoing Discussion GPU comparisons: GTX1070ti vs RTX2070

    AMD Radeon VII AMD provided benchmarks for the Radeon VII full line up for 2019?
  15. I recently purchased a GTX1070ti and then they come out with the RTX2070. Do I feel gipped? price of the RTX2070 compared to the GTX1070ti: lowest seen prices: $550 vs $360 Nope, not at all. Sure, the 2070 has GDDR6 mem over the GDDR5 the 1070ti has, but the hardware points I worry about have negligible differences. Granted, while the RTX does not depend on CUDA cores so much (the nature of Ray Tracing), I'm not one for the new bells and whistles if I do not have a practical need for them. The above link is just one comparison and I just focused on the technical specs and not actual performance. This second link is a start for that. The benchmarks show a 78% increase in multi-rendering over the 1070ti. The RTX2060 may be someone else's entre to the RTX world, but I have avoided the 60-series nvidia cards as consumer level performance GPUs. Nothing surprising in this graphic: I am not authoritative....
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    introduction Greetings

    Oh, yeah. Hide your wallet.
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    Helllppppp lol

    Wilkommen. Best advice? Hide your wallet.
  18. Not at all, just pointing out a consumer fact. Were I to be emotional, I would have made some disparaging comments about your intellect or parentage. Note that I did not.
  19. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/283261-nvidia-admits-defeat-will-support-g-sync-on-freesync-displays
  20. What? Like not paying for a premium feature (cough "ray tracing") when you don't care about it? Its performance will fit the bill for gamer's like me who aren't gaming as a primary hobby. Yes, it's a little late, but, prices could drop, making it more attractive.
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    introduction Monkey, reporting for duty!

    Wilkommen. Hide your wallet....
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    Greetings humans

    It isn't going to be slumming, mate. Wilkommen. Adorable. Now, hide your wallet.
  23. LG, ASUS, AOC, ViewSonic, Samsung and a host of others all make free-sync monitors. Choices will abound.
  24. This 120gb is going for $22!!! Use it for your SC download. I use and approve of Crucial SSDs. Buy them for your friends. Seriously. Use code EMCTUTE23 Crucial BX500 2.5" 120GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) CT120BX500SSD1
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    Updates to Crytek's lawsuit vs CIG

    That, my friends, is what greed does to people