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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Ongoing Discussion

    Good point. Some people have already said they cant run the Hangar module with a DX10-only card, but I havent tested that personally.
  3. Nice Stuff! Get thee to Fleet Media!
  4. Im up for some (not strict) RP. Ive been playing these sort of games since forever.
  5. *no comment*
  6. 'Hootmon' was my first char back in the EQ Beta back in '95. Ive used it off-and-on since then.
  7. Ongoing Discussion

    All bets are off for almost 2 years. I suspect the game will require a 2015-vintage 'base' GPU once released.
  8. Ongoing Discussion

    SC release is far in the far future for GPU perf. Worrying now about you may need in the future is futile.
  9. Local Music? Yes. Local video? Yes. Local Beer? Yes. Remote anything except Military/Business/Emergency/Fleet? No. Space is BIG
  10. Ongoing Discussion

    CPU is the obvious problem. What OS?
  11. Ongoing Discussion

    560 Ti 'should' be OK. for right now. Post the rest of you specs if you want a better analysis.
  12. Ongoing Discussion

    Same here. Im currently using a 660Ti (OC) with a 650 for Physix ( I wouldnt recommend the extra 650. It seemed like a good idea at the time) In two years I expect to be using something more like an 880 Ti.
  13. I used to live in Rock Hill half a lifetime ago.