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  1. DBH-Chaos

    How much have you spent poll

    So far I haven't had the need to sell my left nut, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. DBH-Chaos

    Rate the avatar above you!

    I'd go 7/10. Love the Stormtroopers, but they just can't hit anything, except doors...
  3. I prefer ingesting my bananas with a good dose of ice cream and chocolate syrup. Would these extra ingredients affect my chances of committing banana seppuku?
  4. DBH-Chaos

    Very Cool Pictures - Storm Chaser

    Very nice pictures there.
  5. That issue could be solved if those giveaways are only done on specific days, ie only on Tuesdays and Fridays. A note on the website would make sure it's clear for anyone not used to it. Just a thought.
  6. DBH-Chaos

    Requesting help

    I'd say Google "world of tanks panther", select images and you'll likely find what you're looking for. Good luck!
  7. Actually his birthday is a tad bit later then January, it's one of the other 334 days. The Ten with the Chair had some nice info, and the squadron donation idea seems pretty good, hope it takes.
  8. DBH-Chaos

    Hey From Canada, Ontario!

    Welcome aboard Canadian bro!
  9. DBH-Chaos

    Hello from Indiana!

    Welcome to the show. Brace yourself, some of us are pretty crude.
  10. DBH-Chaos

    Wing Commander

    I watched it when it first came out at the cinema. Picked up the DVD when I got the chance, actually watched it again a few weeks ago, Ricko had never seen it. Enjoyed the movie a lot, I especially loved the way the dealt with ship to ship combat. Something about it just felt more "real" then most other sci-fi movies.
  11. I think you did great Zhane. This co-hosting idea was pretty good, made the comments feel more natural. I'd like to hear more shows co-hosted like that in the future. That being said, I think it would be a good idea for an new DJs to break the ice by doing the same thing with Ricko or any other established DJ within their timezone (if possible). It's a good way to get introduced.
  12. DBH-Chaos

    Hello from Canada

    Now that he has a taste for the 325a, let's see how long before he cracks and picks up another ship.
  13. DBH-Chaos

    Good day fellow new Friends

    Excellent, more bait for our ambushes. Welcome aboard.
  14. DBH-Chaos

    Hi from Indiana USA

    Hello sir! Now, aren't you concerned that having all these ships is going to make it hard to decide what to fly with?