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  1. Normal Price 60 euro i can give it for 45 euro. https://store.zaonce.net/elite-dangerous-cat/elite-dangerous-standard-beta.html?_ga=1.204377232.1242588542.1410167341
  2. Thanks you all guys! Can someone explain to me what is "Imperium"? its something like guid/clan ?
  3. no! not at all Because it take same time to explain what i'm and what i believe i can write just one big quote from OSHO Che Guevara is just one person that i respect for what he make! Nice to meet you all! very friendly community and this is great! Peace.
  4. Hi all! my name is Mike/Michael i'm Greek but i live because of my Job in Germany! nice to meet you all, lets wait to enjoy this masterpiece game! My game History is: Diablo 2/Expansion MU online World of warcraft Lineage 2 Guildwars The Secret World Diablo 3 EVE online TERA Online Hellgate London Path Of Exile That why i'm looking for something new, its start to be boring with all of this games same thing...
  5. Hi! im also Greek but i live in Germany! Nice to meet you all! Lets the Revolution of Gaming began!
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