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  1. The MMHC appears as an additional hangar under the 'universe' menu. but theres not really anything to do there other than feel special
  2. so it was breathing blue fire after all. and yet it still burns ice. interesting
  3. Then how is it that i dont need to
  4. not sure about you, but when i run that i do not have to authenticate
  5. This is perhaps unrelated, but lately i've seen people being able to load into the star citizen crusader map in a 'single player' mode. This client mode seems to not require any authentication through the launcher, but it does load all your (local?) client data, like ship and character loadout. I'm not sure what that means and if perhaps it's possible for someone without an account to play this 'offline mode' without even having to log in... But sharing these methods, that can be considered exploits if used in this manner, I do believe is obviously against CIG's terms of service.
  6. Nice topic, i was looking for this
  7. Nice! We got a couple dutchies here that are active
  8. I would like to like the OP more than once!!!!
  9. Oh right, their forums are so limited they dont want me to reply to suggestions or it will become too cluttered. cig's damn fault for integrating spectrum too soon
  10. its like that below my desk too just make sure it doesnt get lit by lamps and nobody will see it.. also, nice amps
  11. Graphics designer?? SWEET #teampurple welcome man
  12. Rellim


    Heya whatsup!
  13. You've heard good things? That can't be good welcome
  14. Is it me or is the 'back to top' button gone from below every posts?
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