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  1. I used CH stuff exclusively in Star Citizen for years.. I have a few tutorial vids on my YT channel for setting up CH stuff, but I'm afraid they're extremely out-of-date now. Last time I played SC (3.4.2 IIRC) setting up my HOTAS was an absolute fucking nightmare. I have no idea what CIG has done with their control and axis mappings but holy shit it took me longer to just map my god damned throttle and ministick than it does to set up a full control scheme in DCS World (no exaggeration.. I can re-map the Mirage 2000 from scratch in 10 minutes). IIRC I never did manage to get the thr
  2. Yup.. over an hour of play, and just a few client crashes. Stability is a lot better.
  3. A ~10 minute dogfight from our shenanigans on the server last night. We basically took over an entire PU instance.. I think there was 1 or 2 non-Imperium members on the server.
  4. And pods! Holy shit that would be amazing...
  5. We briefly considered trying to get a Merlin in the Starfarer's hold.
  6. Wasn't sure if this was the right location to post this, but I figure it's a testament to SC's current tech as well. A couple of pics from our gaming last night. At one point (IIRC) there were 11 of us on this Starfarer.
  7. My time is limited but I can try and help out where I can.
  8. Hey guys, Some of you may have seen my 'Star Citizen CH HOTAS' tutorials. I did the last one about a year ago for AC 1.1, well before 2.0 released, so it's quite out of date. I've had some requests to do an updated one. Thought before I started working on it I'd see if there was anything you guys wanted to see in it. Things I want to cover: Setting up a full CH HOTAS for Star Citizen. Using the CH Control Manager in a combination of DX and Mapped mode to assign commands. Primarily using the CM to assign commands -I do very little within Star Citizen itself.
  9. Not going to happen. They'll just find something else to bitch about. With Star Marine they'll bitch about it not being released until it is, when it is released if it's not identical to the original Star Marine plans, they'll bitch about that, and if it is identical, they'll bitch about how CIG "hasn't made any progress". Seriously.. I've watched the criticism of Star Citizen over the last 3 years get more and more desperate. Haters either keep moving the goalposts or are so vague or general that their criticism is impossible to refute (like the "this game will never live up to the hype"
  10. Frankly if that's a worry, don't buy anything off the VD store. People need to be expected to show a little self responsibility. I'm getting a little tired of people bitching at CIG for their own impatience, because they want to play with the new shiny RIGHT NOW!!! and God forbid the current FOTM item changes. That's a 100% known quantity going in.
  11. Dude I don't even have this game lol
  12. The spacing doesn't bother me either. I have to clean mine a lot because I have two parrots that like to sit on my shoulder when I game and preen themselves of down feathers, which conveniently fall under my desk and into my pedals :/ The issue I've had with mine is bad contact on the swivel POT, which causes drift and centering delay issues. I hope the last fix I did finally solved it, if not I'm probably going to end up soldering the connections.
  13. That's pretty much the consensus I've heard from everyone who already has a CH/TM/VKB HOTAS... any Saitek one would have to be epic levels of awesome to get them to even consider replacing their system of choice.
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