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  1. I have an unused premium beta account for sale: Elite: Dangerous - Premium Beta Purchase of Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta is now closed INCLUDES Lifetime Expansion Pass • Beta online multiplayer PLUS Single Player Combat missions to develop your Sidewinder skills • Automatic access to all the Beta development stages • All major downloadable expansion packs as they are released Available to download and play NOW On the game's full release you also get the Elite: Dangerous Mercenary Edition, loaded with digital extras: • A digital download Elite: Dangerous • Your very own Eagle fighter ship docked in a secondary location in-game • Exclusive pack of ship paint jobs • A ‘day one’ ship decal • A digital players guide • A digital concept art book • Plus loads more digital goodies to be announced over the coming weeks. The price is 130$, can be paid either by bitcoin or paypal (verified email address, +10$ fees)
  2. backed them, but only for beta, 200£ was too much just for alpha tying the ships with the pledge size is gold
  3. Would love to join you guys (a gals) I usually enjoy playing with bigger corps. I like that emperium is going for the "big" goals, but takes up a cosntructive attitude to the whole community/game.
  4. hehe, the game isn't out yet, still time left to spend money as for the publishers, absolutely, so disappointed with EA over the simcity debacle
  5. i had to join SC once i understood what it was about result, high admiral with ships built for people to have fun with together hope to see you all in the verse soon
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